Northern Michigan Wine Country Visit

I had a bottle (of Circa) this past summer and thought it was a nice expression of the grape.

Glad you finally made it back up to Northern Mich, Scott.

I agree that the wines are finally improving in the area. We’re starting to see more balanced whites, and a few of the wineries are able to pull off some drinkable reds. You guys mentioned most of the big players (and thanks for the props, Andrew!).

I will have to respecfully disagree with you all about Wyncroft. I have tried through his wines, and found them to be flawed, out of balance, or over the top. Just not my style. But if you are looking for the best winery in the SW part of the state, try Old Shore Vineyards. They currently only have their 2009 Pinot Noir (hands down the best red wine I’ve had from MI), and they also make a Pinot Gris, which is very good as well. They are a small gig, you’ll need to contact them, but David and Dannielle and great people and very passionate. I snuck this Pinot Noir into Pinot Days in Chicago and poured it for some Cali winemaker friends, and it went over very well. Check them out!

Glad to see MI wines getting more positive feedback, we’ll only continue to improve.