No TNs: Delectable (the wine app) bugs

Delectable seems to be having issues identifying wines. At least for me.

Pic sent yesterday afternoon.
Usually the ID process is less than 60 seconds.

I had a Barolo last month which took them 4 days to add it to my feed [scratch.gif] That’s like me adding a post to page 3 of a WB thread when the current post is on page 10. Anyone else seeing this happen?

I opened this is expecting to find TN’s on either delectable burgs or delectable bugs.

It worked pretty well last night on several Forlorn Hope wines and a Metras. Consistently got the producer and it was easy to correct to the specific wine. I think some of your delays are because the Delectable team has likely been drunk on Vurgundy the past several days.

Sorry to disappoint you. My pallet, pallette, palate has been a mess since I was sick. I couldn’t write a note on a bug even if I loved it.

Thought this was going to be about 04 Burgundy.

Fixed, I hope.

They have been having a lot of recognizing issues as of late. I do think you need to update your app though. My display hasn’t looked like that in more then a year or more.

Having similar issues, and my app is fully updated. Seems like the issues started about a week ago.

OK, uploaded from my phone which has the latest version of Delectable. Yeah, that helped. :-/

I haven’t had that exact issue, but I have noticed since the last update (March 8, v5.6) that the recognition engine seems to be messed up. For my last 4 bottles it accurately determined the correct winery, but missed on the variety (e.g. said a Chardonnay was a Syrah, picked the wrong vineyard for a SVD, etc.). Not sure if this is related, but there might be an issue with the latest release. I had to use the lookup/search feature to correct all four…usually it is quite accurate (at least for me).

Hmmm… interesting that you’re noticing inaccuracies after the latest release. We’re investing heavily in recognition accuracy, and we’ll have an update in the next few weeks.

I have a question for you. I cannot update my Delectable on my iPad. When I go to updates and click on Delectable all it does is open the app. I tried to delete the app and reinstall but it does not show in settings.

PM sent.

Got an email today from Delectable: We identified your wine!
A wine I opened for the SFO/SEA NFC Championship Game, 114 weeks ago! Better late than never I suppose.

Got another email yesterday. Shaved 103 weeks off the identification process. They’re improving! Keep up the good work guys. :wink:

I stopped using this app when they couldn’t identify a couple wines I submitted accurately. (They guessed.) They claim to be the experts, so if I can extrapolate from what I experienced, there are more potential mistakes yet to be found.