No Reservations!

I’ve never watched this show, but only because I tend to keep the TV on ESPN or the Food Network for background noise, even when reading a book. I’ve seen Bourdain before in another incarnation and read some of his stuff in the Internets and liked him, so I wish I’d watched more. I stumbled across it today and have been watching off and on all day because of the crummy weather. The Vietnamese food and the street tacos in Mexico have me salivating.

I not only want to be this guy - except when he’s eating insects - but I want to know how he doesn’t weigh 400 pounds.

3+ packs a day

  • cocaine

Probably doesn’t overeat…

not sure if he still smokes…

Why did you quit smoking completely—rather than just not smoke around the baby?

It just became so hard. I mean, where am I going to smoke? I can’t smoke in my own apartment—the last refuge. … [A]ll that would be left would be the short distance between the hotel and the media escort’s car, and during shows, in which case I’d kind of only be smoking for television, and that seems fundamentally wrong. I’m going to end up like Hunter Thompson—tragic. And I’m not wearing the leather jacket anymore either. I mean, occasionally I’ll bring my old friend down. I joke about bobbleheads: I’m not going to become an action figure.

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He had one episode in some Indonesian countries, and this one island (frget which one) which was not majority Muslim, was famous for whole roasted pigs. They were slathering the pigs with coconut water. Damn they looked amazing.

Bourdain came to the Philippines for some of the whole roasted pig (i.e., “lechon”, our national dish, the best being widely recognized as those made in the style of the island of Cebu). In his blog, he listed the Cebu lechon he had as the best he’s ever had, second and third being from Bali and Puerto Rico, respectively.


I enjoy the show. I have TiVo’d every episode and watched when able.
Bourdain has sort of ‘mellowed’ since his new marriage and child are in the picture now, but his love for all things pork continues on.
There was an episode (Ghana I think) where he had eaten some bowels of some creature cooked in dirt! I don’t know what is higher, his insurance premiums, or his tolerance for anti-biotic. I have seen him sick more than once.

Yeah, they cooked the whole bird in the dirt, but since was the guest of honor, he got to eat the anus! [bleh.gif]

I guess he didn’t mind. He’s French.


We really enjoyed two episodes last night…first,the Azores, with gorgeous scenery and some amazing seafood and then the new season with Chile. I really enjoy the show, especially now that our cable provider has the Travel Channel in HD.

Marshall [wink.gif]

i think it was the wild boar with the bushmen. The best scene is when they grab the top of the rectum and squeeze down and you see the shit coming squirting out. YUM

It was a warthog. The feces where merely squeezed out, the the organ roasted without washing. Probably not dangerous to eat since it was cooked; but the flavor was probably not great.

The “croupion” of a chicken or goose used to be treated in the same way in the French countryside. The neck too.