No more postcards from Manfred & Elaine...

Holy cr@p I got an envelope today!

Be careful what you wish for Mel, you might just get it.

I got a postcard.

Trade it for some real wine neener

when did you sign up?

around 2003

FWIW, I signed up on 9/28/2004 and received my first offer on 3/15/2008.

As Charlie Brown said in the Great Pumpkin. “I got a rock.”

Not that you tract that sort of thing.

Congrats, Mel.

Wave bye bye to the coin

Yeah exactly, if I were paying attention… (Is still have the email I sent to Manfred, and then of course CT shows me my first purchase from SQN.)

I’ve got an email from Sept 12th, 2005
letting M&E know of my address change
but beyond that I’d say I was WL’ed in '03 or maybe '04

I got an envelope today too, with a long rambling letter discussing Dennis Hopper and the TTB among other things followed by an offer to buy an as yet unnamed wine to the tune of $145/bottle.

Maybe they will name it “Blind Faith”

I was added to the waiting list on July 20, 2006 so I’m still receiving post cards. I’m hoping 2011 is the year for me!


OK, another three years and 40 minutes to get something from SQN

Dave, when did you sign up?

I was added to the WL on 3/18/05 and got my first offer in 2/10

Postcard for me, since 06…

However, I got in on the Next Of Kyn so I guess I’ll consider that a consolation prize.

I find it hard to believe that folks would sign up for a list that takes 5+ years to get an offer for wines that are > $100/btl. [scratch.gif]

Hey Russ not sure if you understand this but you don’t have to pay for the wine when you are on the waiting list… [berserker.gif]

Waiting is free newhere