Nice Photo...1959 Bordeauxs

Not one to be very verbose in my descriptors, both were drinking great. Both came from potentially flawed bottles, but both wines were right on. Lafite…classic lead pencil, meaty bouquet, really special. The Margaux, not quite as sweet, a great taste of very ripe green grapes ( don’t know if there is a better descriptor), a notch below the Lafite. A dozen other wines. One of those nights were everything was drinking great, except for a 1971 Pira Barolo that was oxidized. The Lafite has years ahead of it. The Margaux drink up. Both were at peak for me.

I know we often make too much of things like stemware, but . . . .

Nice pic!

Lol. Red cups for water. Decided to take a picture before I tossed the bag. Riedel for the wine!

Inspired by Miles drinking his Cheval Blanc from a plastic cup in Burger King (McDonald’s?) in Sideways?

John, I can’t even drink cheap wine out of a glass tumbler, let alone plastic. Tried in local pizza joint recently. No nose development. Maybe good enough for Miles under stress

Even water tastes bad from platic cups … [shock.gif]