Nice deal on Laguiole en Aubrac corkscrews at Drop

When you sign up to look at the offer, there’s a message that says something like “Yacov wants to give you $10 off on your next order”, I thought it might be you since you are ITB. Go sign up and look (unless you are already a member).

my name is yaacov, not yacov. so not sure what you’re seeing.

Could have been Yaacov too (same name). This was only offered to someone just signing up, so if you’ve been a member for awhile you probably won’t see it. Can’t take a screen shot of it now. Sorry, but I know what I saw.

okay, i’ll wait for more updates from you before i do anything.

Yep, the link you provided gave me an additional $10 off which was great!

I think it mentions you will get money off your next order for the ‘referral’, so you should check your account to see.

I thought they were stainless, not ironic. [cheers.gif]

Laguiole corkscrews are beautiful and durable, but expensive.
But they’re expensive and not quite as good at getting a cork out as a levered (2-stage) corkscrew.
Neither of which is as good as a Durand for a spongy or crumbly old cork prone to disintegration.

Has anyone had one of these long enough to sharpen the coil? If so, you did you go about it?

The one Laguiole I’ve used a few times (I don’t know which maker) works extremely well. It’s better ergonomically (more comfortable to use) than any other waiter’s corkscrew I’ve used, and I would say it is every bit as good at getting the cork out as a 2-stage type, which is impressive. I might actually buy one if a deal like this comes along when I have the money to spend.

I have a bunch and now, 3 more ! champagne.gif

Damn you Yaacov, I just bought one.

too good and baller not to post this. $140 for lauguile en aubrac champagne saber!

Ha ha! Now that is bad-ass!!

Side note, hope the corkscrews ship out soon. Pumped to get that!

We expect your order to ship by Tue Jul 09 2019. While you wait for it to arrive, you can join the discussion.

Ahhh. Thanks Ned - obviously I didnt look close enough at the order confirmation :slight_smile: