Niagra-on-the-Lake best wineries

I was there about 20 years ago. I recall some really nice wineries and so-so wines. I will have a day
to vist two or three places. It would be nice to find a nice experience AND some good wine. Does anyone have recommendations?

Look at Michael’s reviews and you will get an idea what to visit and taste.


If you have the time, it’s not in NOTL, but Leaning Post was a winner for us two years running. It’s about 45 minutes closer to Toronto, in Grimsby.
Closer to NOTL, I’ve enjoyed Palatine Hills in the past. Tried it again last year and like many wineries out there it seems to have tried to cultivate a fruitier style of wine that’s a bit less terroir focused than it used to be. Still some good stuff there, though.