Next of Kyn release

Finally, instead of the “no soup for you” I got an email that I would get an allocation if still interested. Looking forward to trying this. Any thoughts about the current release? Haven’t seen anyone post about this one.

Also, has anyone heard how Manfred is doing? Hope his recovery is going well.

Supposedly Manfred made an amazing recovery. RH Drexel wrote a fabulous piece on Vinous.

I’m curious if anyone can provide any insight as well. I suppose there’s not many data points for vintage '13 from Ventura. Does Ojai have any vineyards there?

This is where I find critics reviews useful, that is in their generalizations about region specific vintage conditions. Unfortunately Cumulus I believe is on an island, and Jeb/Antonio/Josh don’t get a chance to review NoK until after the offer window closes.

Gonna bump this because I finally got the letter in the mail and Manfred (or Elaine) spins a good yarn. Seems like they are high on cumulus at least through the '14 vintage.

I have not gotten into my first offer yet (no. 6). If I hypothetically think the SQN EBAs are worth this tariff, am I going to be satisfied with the same spend on NoK? If these are qualitatively closer to the regular SQNs, then these are priced too high for me. So where do these fall? I’d ‘drink one and make your own decision’, but Im going to go ahead and say no. 6 isn’t ready yet for fair evaluation

Hi there,

Im not subscribed to Vinous, would be grateful if you can give a gist of what they wrote about Manfred’s recovery ?

Thanks /bt

Does anyone know if Parker rated the 2013s? I found WA 98-100 but no RP score. I know he owns WA but I’m wondering if there was a final score not just the 98-100 range. Thanks for the help.

98-100 from Jeb is the only WA review

Thank you Jeff

I have always been amazed by the lack of NoK chatter on wine boards. They make and sell a fair amount, but you rarely see tasting notes.

What’s the release price on this stuff? It’s a mag set usually, right?

Think it was something like $1300 for the set all-in after tax and shipping to SF Bay Area, but don’t quote me on that (paid awhile ago). It’s a mag and 3 of the 750s.

Last year was $1335 all in to California to be exact

I’m too busy enjoying the hell out of it to post a note, but it is really good stuff.

Must be adding people as I received an offer yesterday and I signed up pretty early. Think I’m passing though as just don’t “need”this plus SQN and now Third Twin.

Grrrr…have not received an offer!

I have no idea how they manage the list expansion (how many slots vs. how many new offers extended), but Elaine called and left me voicemail to let me know an offer was in my inbox. I was duly impressed.


I had to give it up this year. Really like the wine, but hard to justify SQN, Third Twin and NOK.

Yeah, I let them know 3 out of 4 ain’t bad (chimere too).

I too passed. Am active on SQN, Chimere and Third Twin. Needed to scale back and NOK was the one I decided to leave for someone else.