'Newbie' Introductory Threads are posted!! Come meet them!

Hey folks - welcome to our Newbie wineries! (1st and 2nd year BerserkerDay participating wineries)

I’ll keep these here until the evening of the 26th, when I will then move them to a subforum of this subforum (to keep things neat, but not remove them or clutter up this page once the offers are ready to be posted)

Please open up conversations with them through these next 6 days, see if you would like to give them a try this BerserkerDay! No offers can be posted here, this is just a sort of ‘lunch date’, get to know them…

This is great !!

I feel it starting to build. These little intro threads are great. Bring it on! The 27th can’t arrive quick enough.

Do pose questions to any Newbies you want to know more about!

Trust me, it will be FAR easier to chat now than on the 27th…

Have already noted a couple to look out for next Friday. Great idea for this intro threads by the way.


This is great. Never would have had the time on BerserkerDay to learn about this many newbies.

This is fabulous - and lord knows I need a distraction today!

Another thumbs up. There are definitely a few newbies (or sophomores) on my list for next week.

Why not have a similar thread for non-newbie sellers?
I’m sure there are WBer’s both new and old who are not familiar with all the participating wineries and non-winery sellers; I certainly am not.

Starting this thread was an awesome idea.

As a new born WBer, I would love to have a thread for non-newbie sellers so I can learn about them as well.

Not the same, but to give you some idea you may want to to read last years thread to get an idea of the wineries and offers.

Impressive list of newbies, so great to get the philosophy behind the wines as well.

We are so excited to participate in our first BerserkerDay!

Big plus on this thread!

Thanks Todd.

that is all.


Newbie Intro threads are all being moved to the Newbie Intros forum - find them there today, tomorrow, and whenever you want! Need to start freeing up space here for tomorrow’s madness…