NEWBIE INTRO: Salt Vine Cabernet - made by Mike Smith!

SALT Vine Cabernet Sauvginon

A few of you on this board (and in the Facebook wine world) have already had the opportunity to buy and taste the wines. Based on all the messages I’ve been receiving for the past month, you’ve been wanting some more. We sold almost our whole production of the 2015 release in the span of a month.

We’re doing our first offering on WineBerserkers on Berserkday 11! I’ve had the great fortune of being brought into this project and these wines are fantastic examples of the amazing wines Mike Smith is making in Napa.

Due to the quantity of wine made, we have not submitted this to any critics for review.
A little bit about the producer

Salt Vine wines is a small scale producer of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon crafted by Mike Smith. The idea behind Salt Vine is to take advantage short term contracts to access incredible Cabernet Sauvignon fruit that isn’t available for multiple years at a time. While the vineyards vary from vintage to vintage, what is consistent is that Mike is crafting beautiful wines from the absolute best fruit available to us.

The wines started with the 2014 Cabernet vintage. The 2015 vintage was sourced from the Wietz Vineyard right next to the Maybach Parcel. The 2016 vintage was sourced from all Rutherford fruit with the large majority of the fruit coming from Beckstoffer GIII.

The wines are aged in 80% new oak and all exude that classic Mike Smith texture

SALT packaging phots.JPG
If you have any questions, please let me know!

Wow, looking forward to this one, welcome to BD11

Love Mike Smith!
Are the $275/290-ish prices I see on wine-searcher the release price or the secondary market at work?

Wondering the same thing…and wondering what you will be offering! Exciting

I was able to grab 6 of the 2015s, will this be the 2016? Def will be in if the pricing was similar to the 2015 deal I got.

Their Rosé has always been exceptional.

Oh the Berserker day discount will be substantial :slight_smile: probably the best Mike Smith Cabernet deal you’ll find.

But can’t discuss the actual sale in the intro forum. But it’ll be worth looking at!

All sold out. Wish I could offer some!!

I hadn’t heard of these wines but they sound exciting!

Can’t wait to try some of the 2015’s I ordered.