NEWBIE INTRO: Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Estate

Hey All,
My name is Will Costello, I am one of only around 270 Master Sommeliers in the world, and I found a relative dream job.

I, Like many, fell in love with Burgundy (when it was affordable) and always was chasing the dragon when it came to lean, precise and complex wines, for a lesser price. Well, when I was a sommelier on the floor, working in Vegas, I came across Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Wines. The ESTATE wines of the famous vineyard. Essentially the Domaine stuff (for you Burg peeps). Well, I liked the wines so much, that the owners called me and asked if we were cooking with the wines, I sold so many. I literally poured it for everyone who walked through the door. IF you were at Mandarin Oriental from 2012-2017, you likely had one forced down your throat.

The wines to me are about as close as you can get to that reductive, less oaked Chardonnays, stemmy and savory for the Pinots, herbal and meaty for the syrahs, style of CA. And truthfully, when they asked if I wanted to come work for them, I couldn’t think of anything better.

I have tasted thousands of wines, and I am always happy to finish my day with a glass of the wines I represent when my day is done, and I have bottles opened.

Hopeful some of you take advantage. We dont make much wine, so to have so many great, and interested drinkers, like fellow Berserkers to try them, makes me really happy.


Welcome, Will.

I’ve had a few of the BN winery wines. Should fall right in the wheelhouse of many here I think I met the winemaker with Boheme at bersekerfest in Lompoc a few years back. Nice guy.

Brig- You’re thinking of dear friend, Trey Fletcher – now making wines at Sanford! Trey crafted absolutely gorgeous wines at Bien Nacido. Pumped to restore my stash this BerserkerDay. [cheers.gif]

Had the opportunity to try a few of the wines recently, really speaks to the region, especially the syrahs! yum!