NEWBIE INTRO: A Thing of Beauty

Hello All!
I am Linda Baehr, and I am proud to be participating in my first Berserker Day!
While I may be a newbie to the Berserker Day sale, I am NOT a newbie to Wine Berserkers! As one of the original members, I am familiar to many of you (although I haven’t posted in Wine Talk for quite a while).
I am a winemaker by training (Fresno State- Go Bulldogs!) and worked as a winemaker for many years. Now I am using my chemistry and microbiology skills and training in a new venture. About a year and a half ago, Shawnda Hansen (of Wine Check fame) came to me with an idea to create a line of skincare. She too has a passion for making potions, and with my science background, she knew I would be a perfect fit for this new adventure. I was excited to say the least, and I took the idea and ran with it! I have been formulating products ever since, and I am pleased to say that the results have been amazing! I am even using my fermentation skills for two products so far, with more on the way- a Sake cream and a Kombucha toner.
Obviously, skin care products are great for anyone, but I also have a line of beard oils for the men, so if you are a hairy fellow, no need to feel left out! flirtysmile

I am proud to announce our new venture-
A Thing of Beauty
A Thing of Beauty Serum.jpg

Linda, this is terrific! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

A thing of beauty is a jou forever!

Looking forward to hearing more about your potions. Is your line anything like Vintner’s Daughter?


I had never heard of it until now! It’s not anywhere NEAR that expensive!

Great to hear! God Speed. Looking forward to what you’ll have for Berserker Day.



And love the pic. Do you already have a website?


I was one of the guinea pigs for Linda’s/Shawnda’s beard oils and can attest that they are awesome. Smoothes our the beard hair without a greasy feeling and the understated aromas, which dissipate shortly after application, are very pleasant!

Not yet! This is basically going to be a “testing the waters” kind of thing.

I’m hoping to be able to start building a website by the end of the month. I do have a Facebook page, though! A Thing of Beauty on FB.

Thanks Jorge!

Can’t wait to see and hear more about this offer.

I want to be a guinea pig. What I am using right now can really bug me since I hate having an oily feeling.


[wow.gif] [cheers.gif] neener Now I have to grow a beard so I can try this

…she’s a genius and I hope you support her because my skin has never looked better and if I can no longer get it, then I’m blaming each and every one of you. Seriously, it is AMAZING. I have my favorites, but haven’t tried the beard oil (thank heaven).


Love you Shawnda! flirtysmile

I am also one of Linda’s testers and I can say, that they are easy to use, and don’t leave my skin feeling greasy or even worse, not moisturized. So I think my favorites are the Hyaluronic Acid and Vit C and Brownie Moisturizer. I give this my two thumbs up!! Linda you’d better get mixing before you sell out!!

I LOVE those, and Ocean, too. I use the hyaluronic acid and squalene / vit C but Brownie was my first love…it’s like putting whipped chocolate mousse on your face, but better! I do love Ocean, too. Makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation. And I can’t deny the efficacy of the Sake Bomb. I’m a side-sleeper and I’d show pics of the erasing of wrinkles on my décolletage, but the cleavage would usurp the pic. LOLOL

Ok, wtf! How come I wasn’t one of Linda’s testers???


I guess you could try the beard oil on other parts of your body [wow.gif] … or maybe not. [mouth-drop.gif]