New York Wine Experience Grand Tasting $500 - Shocking!

Wine Spectator has finally released the details for the New York Wine Experience Critics’ Choice Grand Tasting on October 21 and 22.
This year they raised the price to $500(!) and cut the time from 3 to 2 hours.
I understand that they have reduced the number of tickets sold to provide more distancing due to Covid.

This is an easy pass for me this year:

  • It is not safe to be in a large crowd while maskless due to the Delta variant.
  • European producers are still not able to travel to the US until November - a week after this event. La Fête du Champagne moved their event in New York by 2 weeks to allow the producers to attend.
  • The most expensive tasting I’ve ever seen.

Interested in others thoughts on this.


Not worth it.

Agreed, was giving consideration to participating. wife and I could do one heck of a tasting for the overall cost of this.

I think this is one of those situations where some will find value enough in attending and others will not. I understand why some feel this is too much $$$ and I thnk that will always be the case.

I’m sure some on this board will attend and I’ll look forward to hearing about their experiences.


“Classy wines for Classy times!”

How much is it usually?

Anyone ever met Marvin Shanken? Just wondering what he’s like.

By far not the most expensive winetasting “experience” out there, but still certainly, yes, still an easy pass.

My dad met someone who knew him and the description was not flattering to say the least.

It was $375 for the tasting in 2019. Tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the Wine Spectator Scholarship Fund.

How does one take advantage of the WS scholarship fund I wonder? $375 for 3 hours in non Covid would peak my interest but yes 2 hours would be a bit much to try and taste all the wines I would want to taste and spit. Wonder if you can even spit now?

$500 for two hours, with few if any European winemakers. Hmm.

Reviewed list of participating wineries and opted out - very limited compared to prior years

Sounds like a recipe for very plastered people trying to get their value out of the 2 hours… or that’s what I WOULD be doing…

I’ll wait for La Paulee but happy to see large tastings coming back.

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Is this the cost for one day or all three?

Just looked it up - it’s the cost for EITHER Thursdays or Friday’s 2 hour session . . .


I’m curious anout the one in DC. Most of the wines are from overseas.

If you’re buying many thousands in wine I’m sure it could be worthwhile. I’m miserable after tasting a more than a handful of wines in a day.

I may go to the DC if I can get off work…

I wonder which ones I should prioritize though pretty large list.

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