New York City wine storage advice

I have had wine at Vintage for quite a few years and I have never had cause to reconsider using them. Delivery and pick-up service is fast. Prices are better than most. Based on the amount of wine you have and what you plan to have, paying by the case (as at Vintage) is the sensible option. I would stay away from the locker and half-locker options.

Have stored at Domaine in Edison since their inception at that location.
Move a fair amount of wine both in and out. Can’t recall having any issues.
They’ve also facilitated a few cross country wine shipments for me as well.
I honestly don’t know their competitors pricing structure, but I assume Domaine is competitive. But that is something you can easily research.

When I moved from Montclair to North Caldwell, I was cellarless for 6-8 months (until we built a cellar in the new house). After some research, I used Domaine Storage in Edison and was very happy with the results.

Happy to echo Mark’s recommendation. I’ve been a client for the best part of a decade and River Valley are extremely reliable in my experience and great people to boot.

Just wanted to thank everyone on the board for their advice. All the facilities I contacted were very helpful and I would have been comfortable storing my wine with any of them. As most people here said it’s really important to pay attention to the details in the contracts so you aren’t surprised later. In the end I chose Domaine. They were very flexible in setting up the contract in a way that made sense for my needs and were really easy to deal with.

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but does anyone have any experience with Liquid Asset Storage which is a wine storage division of Sokolin? At a $1.35 a case for storage with no real extra fees almost seems like a no brainier.

Sokolin’s storage is in the Hamptons, right?

No, the storage facility is in a different location from the Bridgehampton retail store. It’s more central Long Island.

Is their a Chicago thread on this? I am pretty much maxed out at home 300-400 bottles. Either we need to start drinking more or I need to stop buying, neither of which is going to happen.


I’m at Domaine in Chicago. They do a great job with the best service in the city. Rhey check in your packages and send an email weekly with your arrivals. Thay also provide shipping services so i can buy wine anywhere in the world and it ends up in my locker. International shipping is cheaper than any other provider.

How did you modify the contract to be more favorable to you?