New York City Restaurants

Fried chicken FTW


We really enjoyed Uncle Lous. The soft shell crab special was excellent. Corkage is $20. We had two bottles and they only charged us for one. They provided an ice bucket and offered small restaurant glasses, we brought our own. Will definitely go back.

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I’ve heard that the current chef at Fulgrances is excellent. Nazareno Mayo.

Have you heard anything about this iteration? What is the wine pairing like for $65?

Have not been I have heard the same. Rave reviews.

Atoboy was great value. $75 for this level of food is a deal in the city!

Our waiter Jude was a gem: polite, friendly, and on the ball.

Wine list was a disappointment and $75 corkage…:frowning:


Uni and Egg - yum

Yellowtail - idk why they played hide and seek with the jicama, but once all the pieces were together it was spot on

Pear Salad - Strangely perfect. It ain’t fancy, but for the warm weather and what was the follow, the restraint was just right. The pear and mint did well together.

Sweet shrimp - beurre blanc a little thicker than prime, but still tasty.

Squash - super flavorful and nicely spiced, dense and sweet, but also heavy.

Banchan - fantastic. Kimchi apples are divine.

Short Rib - perfectly cooked modestly seasoned, great

Cod - Texture was great, but flavors slightly off. Curry was nicely spiced but a little heavy.

Fried Chicken - pineapple overnight marinade adds a finish. However, after all the heavier sauces this was good not great. Will try again next time and order differently

Overall, my only issue with what is objecively a really well executed and super qpr meal is the weight/seasonality. There were not many options that weren’t heavy/heating. instead of beurre blanc, those shrimp could have been done in a lighter style. Similarly, the squash was scrumptious, but I mentioned it made me feel like eating autumn. The sauce on Cod was also warming. Etc.


It has been picked over lately, it is usually much better. Hopefully in a matter of time they will get it back to normal.

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I’ll be there next Monday for the Nate Kuester takeover. First time going.

We had dinner at Atoboy last week and I was shocked to see pear in a spring salad! It was delicious, but I couldn’t help wondering where they got the pears. Presumably left over cold storage from the local fall 2023 harvest, but I have long since moved on in my own eating…

I also really liked the eggplant and octopus dish they have going right now. (Although I love those ingredients in all ways and forms) It definitely leaned more Spanish than Korean, but I suppose that expansive approach is the whole point.

I liked it but must admit that I much more enjoyed the prior menu under Nicholas Tamburo

Has anyone been to Blanca since it reopened? I’ve been seeing last-minute resy’s popup, and I’m around this weekend.

Went for Friends and Family and it was good. Some really great dishes. A few that needed little tweaking. A bit heavier than the prior food. I am sure the kinks are worked out now. And the wine service and hospitality was great, all of the old FOH crew came back.


Has anyone been to Sailor in fort green? My wife is super keen to go but reservations are impossible and two attempts at walking in early were both “it ain’t gonna happen”. I could of course hit the reservation right when they release but wondering if it’s worth the bother.

funny enough, i just snagged a table for 3 tomorrow at prime time before a show at roulette.

i was going to ask if they allow corkage and what fee.

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I had a great meal in Feb. if you are familiar with April’s cooking in the winter it can lean heavy but was super tasty.

Wine list was fun, cocktails on point and great energy at the restaurant. Definitely use a resy notify as that’s what cleared me.

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Another week in NY for work, all repeats for me:

Aldo Sohm: Got into town around 9pm Monday and didn’t want to go too far so I went to my old standby in midtown. Bottle list is nice but pricey, I think BTG is the way to go. Had the truffle arancini and crispy duck leg. Food here won’t blow you away but it’s consistent and delicious, one of the few gems in the food/expense account wasteland of midtown Manhattan.

Estela: Had dinner here Tuesday night for work. BTG and bottle list were really nice, did a few cocktails incl their wonderful Negroni and several nice pours. Foie gras was outstanding, especially with the Donnhoff they were pouring. Wagyu and Berkshire pork were delicious, food was thoughtful and the list is well curated. Not cheap but worth it.

Modern Bar: I haven’t been here since last fall and wanted to stop by with friends after a long day. List is super deep but pricey, BTG tonight. Suds/white side of the list was more interesting but food is always the main event. Caviar corn dogs, Tarte flambé, tarragon stuffed chicken, lobster tagliolini, etc. Food was fantastic as always.

Just realized I was in town all week and didn’t order a bottle, all BTG, next time I guess!


I noticed this recently as well. not sure when it happened but over the past year i think. i wonder if it’s the inkind effect? i know it’s very popular at the USHG restaurants.

It’s been well over a year at this point. Probably around mid 2022 prices started to get updated. They very much care about having a deep selection of wines on the list and people kept drinking much of the cherries. So they hiked up the prices in order to still be able to have a deep list

Excellent write up buddy. You’re always a fun brodate and happy to repeat this any time you’re in town!

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How was it?

Um…solid…worth the hype? No. But I give it a B+. $40 corkage was good/great. They have nothing with age and the prices are what you’d expect. The sommelier was impressed with what we brought.

The inside is small. No wonder it’s so hard to get a table there. Outside seating seemed nice with yesterday’s weather but I prefer inside.

Our waitress was great. Super friendly and nice. Food wise, we ordered three appetizers and the chicken. Braised squid and spinach was a hit…chicken was merely good. Profiteroles for dessert were excellent…like sticky toffee profiteroles…a weakness of mine.

3 apps, 1 large main, 1 drink, corkage, 1 dessert and an espresso was like $240 after tip so…kinda reasonable?

I’d go back but wouldn’t go nuts over a table there.