New York City Restaurants

Funny you should ask, no I have not but I just walked by there yesterday and said to myself I need to go back!

Did Una Pizza Napoletana on Friday. My favorite pizza in the U.S., unfortunately, I don’t go as often as I like because its not my better halves favorite style. I have known Anthony from his early days and it is always a delight to see him work. He sent out every single appetizer and dessert on him so we were stuffed. Corkage is $30.

Lunch at Cosme was absolutely delightful, one of my favorite lunch spots in NYC. The Duck Enmoladas Mole Negro is one of my favorites dishes in all of NYC. It was a magical pairing with a slightly chilled Souhaut Les Cessieux.

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Did Torien last night. Had been wanting to try it out for a while.

It was s great experience though I don’t think I can go there too often. After a while I was done with chicken and wanted variety. 3 vegetarian skewers were a nice break.

As you probably know Kono has a bit more variety. I think head to head for Chicken I like Torien better but for variety and a different experience I like Kono.

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It happens to be in my office building. So I’m excited that something is finally going into that space. It’s been vacant since the demise of Mars 2112 more than a decade ago.

corkage $30 at una is great to know. he’s the master.

I can honestly say it was the best dollar for dollar meal I have had in NYC in a long time. They only have small stemless glasses so bring your own.

yeah, i remember those - kinda rough. do they only have the apps listed on the site? how easy to make a proper meal?

went to see no evil last night. has a lot of potential, but needs some work on dialing in the pies and seasoning on a few of the apps. list is pretty bad / non-existent but i bet they’d allow corkage.

For apps they have olives, a multi pepper and basil dish and a very large meat plate. And two very good desserts.

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Made it to Coqodac. Amazing wine list. The level of thought that has gone into it is incredible. Ordered Chartogne Taillet Les Barres.

Food was good. I preferred fried chicken with the original batter over the soy sauce one.

Good experience.


Yes, they want to have the biggest Champagne list in New York once they’re fully up and running. A very good team.


They might already be there.

Can’t wait to go there (disclaimer= we sell some Champagne to them), I’ve heard nothing but good things so far.

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lower / less-traditional margins on champagne is so smart. a bunch of places in NYC get this.


Honestly, it’s also a smart move because consumers associate Champagne primarily with celebration, as opposed to being a potentially daily drinker that goes with almost anything (and is exceptional as we know with fried chicken). So making Champagne more affordable for more people and potentially changing their mindset (admittedly a long game) is a great if challenging thing.

We drink a shocking amount of Champagne at home and at BYOs precisely for that reason. I also do my best to explain to consumers that it makes some of the best food-wine pairings around. And if they don’t agree, then there’s more for the rest of us…


I went during previews a few times and it’s on my list to revisit soon. Too many places to visit - need to stop by Gem soon again as well! And Penny as soon as it opens. And…


penny this weekend!

hell yes!

Is Penny open (or soft open)?

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You already know this but given they are frequently updating the list , they had the wine list on an iPad.

I believe this link is getting updated as the list gets updated.