New York City Restaurants

Glad to hear it’s still great. Haven’t been since Yasuda left.

Group dinner at Osamil was great fun. Round tables for 6 tops, good energy, super reasonable pricing for a few delicious and hearty dishes (waiter downsold us on our order), especially as NYC is getting crazy expensive…just a good time for 30 somethings.

I also channeled my inner Bob Dentice and braved the 2 hr wait to eat at Cervo’s with my business partner. Great as usual across all accounts (flavor, vibe, service). 4/5 dishes were great, one so-so (tuna conserva).

Oh New York, how I miss thee.


We love Cervo’s, but the wait can be brutal. Our strategy isn’t for everyone, but we get there 15-20 before they open and have an early dinner. Never had to wait that way.

Anyone do omakase at Takumi Omakase on Essex Street?

Thinking of going there this week.

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Plenty of options for a pre dinner drink / snacky, so def depends on the evening and one’s time constraint!

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You left NY?

Si papo, para (gulp) Miami.

I’ll look you up when I am there in December for Art Basel!

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Kjun in midtown east.

Wife and I walked in on Saturday 6 pm for early dinner and it was fun and delicious. A mash-up of Korean and Cajun cuisines and it works. Fried chicken dish is recommended and so is the Jambalaya. No reservations and I live close enough to notice that there are always wait lines during prime hours. Almost no frills ambiance but don’t care. I envision adding to my sort-of regular rotation.

A BIG plus for the audience here, BYOB. Byo stems.


Finally did Tatiana yesterday. The hype is real. We very much enjoyed our meal. The wine list is not great. I inquired and corkage is $45 which I will do next time.

We put our name on the list at 5:30 and were sat at the bar by 6:40. In the meantime we went over to Bar Boulud, it has been a number of years. Wow that wine list is sad and not what it once was. 2021 Keller Kirchspiel which I know they paid well under $100 wholesale is on the list for $485!

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Nice. I hadn’t heard from anyone who’s actually been there!

Sad for Bar Boulud. They had an older Bachelet at a reasonable price that convinced our niece red wine is good.


Has anyone been to Piccolo Cucina Osteria?

@Robert_Dentice porcelain is closing???

I remember Bar Boulud being a pretty good place for a glass of wine when Michael Madrigale was working there but that was 7 or so years ago. I haven’t been recently.

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Yes. It is so sad. They had some rough stretches in terms of business but as of later were always busy. They just ran out of time.

Extremely special place that I will never forget…

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Posted a few photos of our meal.


I have been to both the Soho location and UES location.

It’s always a fun meal. A lot of seafood on the menu, executed in Rustic Sicilian style. it’s good but not great.

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Wow, this thread has made me miss being close to NYC and the food scene. A good friend wanted some recs so I came by to supplement my suggestions.

Anyway…hope I can get back sometime soon.

Some recent visits:

Couple times to Claud. Love the food and service here. My biggest gripe is that I can’t order everything every time I go as it’s all so good! As soon as we leave we want to go back. Corkage $55.

Dinner at Rezdora was very good. They have 3 floors and the best table in the house is on the second floor. It’s one table for 4 tucked into a cubby. Otherwise the other tables on the first and third floor are spaced pretty tightly. I asked for the table on the second floor when I made my reservation and I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. We ordered a bunch of pastas to share which is what we always do. I’ve never had anything else there except we always get the gnoco frito which is so good. Their signature pasta, Grandma walking through forest in Emilia, is probably my least favorite and the Uovo Ravioli my favorite. Corkage $65. PM me if you want to know the table number on second floor and try to get it if you go.

First time going back to Kochi since Covid. Tasting menu of 7 savory and 2 sweet courses hasn’t changed much at least as much as I can remember. I think price though is up about 50%. We enjoyed it a lot but not a place I want to repeat very often. Sit at the counter if you go to interact with the chefs. Corkage $50.

We did both a dinner and a brunch at Maialino in their new quarters in the Redbury Hotel. Menu is limited but they do have quite a few of the old favorites. Place is small with maybe a dozen tables with max seating a four top. And they do have a wine bar across the way. I miss the energy and the vibe of the old Maialino. Corkage $35.

And throwing in a NJ restaurant since it’s not that hard to get to from Manhattan and I’m thinking of it since we’re going back this Saturday. Restaurant is Turtle and the Wolf in Montclair. They have a Whole Roasted Suckling Pig dinner that is the best I’ve had!!! And don’t miss their fried chicken!! We pre-order both. And it’s BYO!