New York City Restaurants


Lovely dinner at Fradei, I will definitely keep this in my neighborhood rotation. The sunchoke scarpinocc with chanterelles and chestnut sauce was to die for, as was the yellowfin tuna with horseradish cream and escabeche. I brought a 2007 Prager Riesling Smaragd Achleiten which also was bangin’.

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Walked into Claud this Saturday. Another good meal there. Seems they’ve changed up the menu a bit – the country ham and grilled cabbage were new to us, and we enjoyed both. The duck special is very good… They mentioned they’re moving to 7 days a week soon. I’m looking forward to that. I think any move toward making it easier to get a seat would allow for more reasonable expectations and bring the restaurant closer in execution to what it is in concept (an upscale wine bar with a well-executed menu).

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I also noticed they changed the reservation release time to 9am instead of midnight.


9 am has been it for awhile. Not really helpful.

Pi day and Pie week for me. Marta’s this past weekend. Da Michele last night. Razza this coming weekend. I think the food overall is way better at Da Michele than Marta but I prefer Marta’s pizza.

So excited to read this! Love what the prior chefs were doing.

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Razza has quickly moved into my top 5 pizza spots!

was at da michele for the first time this weekend. thought the pies we tried were pretty much perfect as long as you don’t mind that very soft center. only had a caesar besides the pizza and it was excellent.
i’ll be heading back soon.
lot’s of bar space to eat btw

I agree on the Caesar salad. Citrus salad was also very good. Arancini, meatballs, stuffed zucchini flowers were all good as were 3 different pastas. And the pizza of course. I think the only thing we had that I wouldn’t order again was the octopus. I thought the garbanzo purée overshadowed the octopus. Wines of the night were 96 Comtes, 85 Pergole Torte, and 90 Ornellaia.

The soft center makes it far from perfect for me.
But I’m an outlier as I prefer a fine Ny slice to the beast in Naples (;for that reason)