New York City Restaurants

Ah yeah also not a huge fan of Mother Wolf. Food is decent but they are just serving typical Roman trattoria cuisine.

We also went to Four Horsemen this last Saturday night, must do different menus for lunch and dinner.

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Love to see the positive reviews for Four Horsemen, the entire team is just so passionate.

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That is how I feel about positive feedback for Atomix and the entire Ato family (now incl Naro)–all the love for those great people fills my heart with joy!

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The only issue with 4HM is availability.

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Interestingly I feel the same about Atoworld!

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glad you went to oxalis…i had such good meals at the bar room, i think id do the carte blanche but its just not my thing.

wish you had a better experience at le rock. we had great service but the food was merely good.

agreed on claud as ive said a few times here. 4h is solid but that sweetbread dish was quite spicy. i was warned but i love them.

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Talk to the host when you dine there and they will help you book your next reservation.

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I have never enjoyed a meal where I had to wait an hour after a reservation time to be seated, with or without attitude.

Ok finally made a reservation for Oxalis, going with the Carte Blanche because the other menu only has two options and one is steak. JP consistently says this is better than restaurants I really like so excited to try it!

How is the wine list?

Wine list is largely natural. I think corkage is reasonable.

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$25 corkage and they are very happy to chat about wine. i didnt find their list compelling so i always bring my own.


For those that might be interested… Claud’s large format protein is currently Flannery ribeye

Well I have to start by thanking @jprusack for continually mentioning Oxalis. Our meal last night was extraordinary. Wonderful from start to finish. And a couple of truly stunning dishes…a cider marinated mackerel with horseradish and marigol paired with a Stefan Vetter Sylvaner was magical.

We did the Carte Blance menu and I thought it was the perfect amount of food.

I will definitely be returning very soon. Excited to see what they do in the Spring.


I was waiting to hear what you thought. Glad you enjoyed it. Very under the radar despite the accolades. Chef used to work at mirazur in menton, France. We went there and thought oxalis was more enjoyable.


Had our first visit to Jupiter last night (The Rock Center project from the King team). The restaurant is at the rink level, which makes it feel like you’re in a mall, at least if you’re seated facing the windows. But otherwise a nice large L-shaped dining room. Very different from the tight cozy vibe of King. Service was enthusiastic if a little scattershot. The somm seemed a little new to the job, but recommended an interesting Martha Stoumen Nero d’Avola from Mendocino that was buried in the “other” section of the wine list.

Food-wise, it was overall good not great. Started with an excellent salad and really good fried artichokes (I see myself sitting at the bar with those and a glass of something soon), but the deconstructed crab bruschetta didn’t make a whole lot of sense (but tasted fine, particularly the charred bread). For mains we had pumpkin pansotti and a quite expensive seafood risotto. The pansotti were rich and delicious. Simple dish but very well made. The risotto dish was tasty, but kind of a mess (to me). The rice seemed overdone, the splayed langoustine plopped in the middle was a little intrusive, and we got mussels instead of the promised clams. Would not order that again.

I think they are still figuring it out, and I’m rooting for them to catch their stride. We’ll certainly go back. I’d really love for this Rock Center dining renaissance to take hold.

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The location does not help. It was close to an hour from the East Village in Friday traffic. If I knew the food was as good as it is I would have been there long ago and ironically I have been to a few things at the Brooklyn Museum where I was looking for a place to grab dinner afterwards, I did not realize how close it is. We also made it to Public Records afterwards in less than 10 minutes.

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I had not been to NYC in 4 years and was out recently for a dinner with Levi Dalton and a few more meals with customers.

2 highlights

63 Clinton- 9PM seating.
Breakfast taco w/ uni- outstanding
Caviar handrail out of this world.

I loved the food, service, portions.

Yellow Rose- Lunch
I had the two vegetarian tacos
Bean and Cheese
Papas Ranchera
and a standard Margarita

I don’t think I’ve ever spent this little $ on lunch in NYC. The Austin style tacos were outstanding.

PS- There was something about Yellow Rose that had a late 80’s Cambridge, MA Chris Schlesinger (East Coast Grill / Jake & Earls) vibe.

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East Coast Grill!!! That was a special spot

Two great spots. I just ordered delivery from Yellow Rose after seeing this post!

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So glad you went to Oxalis. My favorite restaurant in Brooklyn.

Also, only about 30-40 minutes by subway from Astor Place.