New York City Italian restaurant help

Looking for authentic fresh high quality ingredients, Besides Mailano, Babbos Del Posto

Manhattan only staying at Trump International but can go anywhere

The choices are overwhelming without help (I did search forum and did not find a lot on this)


What kind of Italian? How expensive? What sort of atmosphere?

For high-end, generally the Batali & Bastianich and Altamarea chains are the best.

Once you get below the high end, it becomes a much more interesting and diverse question.

staying at trump then marea is barely block away
it’s tough to beat that place

Have reservations at Marea

David, does not need to be high end. Any price range is OK. (not Babbo Del Posto Mailano as I hate holding on the phone to make a reservation)

Ai Foro looks interesting

Hmm. My favorite Italian chef in NY, Cesare Casella, isn’t cooking anywhere right now, to my knowledge. Scott Conant isn’t working anywhere either, nor is Gabe Thompson. You should probably check out one of Sara Jenkins’ restaurants on the LES - casual, but she’s very much an essential NY chef. I haven’t been to A Voce since Missy Robbins left but I know they brought in someone with credentials to replace her, and her new place is out in Williamsburg. I haven’t been to Barbuto in years, but that used to be one of the better places. Obviously Locanda Verde isn’t bad.

Part of the issue is that Italian food is so integrated into NY food that it’s hard to draw the line between an Italian restaurant and a NY restaurant, except that the names of Italian restaurants end with a vowel. Is Charlie Bird Italian? Is Bruno or Little Park Italian?


David and Kevin

Anyone been to Ai Fiori

Its merely good compared to other Altamarea places, at least last time I went (a little more than a year ago).

Agreed. The Trofie Nero ligurian crustacean ragù is quite good and they used to have a good brunch (since discontinued) but in general it’s a not top tier.

I know a lot of people disagree but I like their Italian Steakhouse Costata. And you can go across the street for Dominique Ansel for dessert.

Costata closed a couple of months ago.

Wow. Restaurants come and go so quickly here…

beat me to it ray

i love lupa on thompson. probably my favorite casual italian. definitely my most visited.

Which of the others do you prefer

Downtown there is L’Artusi in west village and L’Apicio in east village (sister restaurant). Both are very good. Casual vibe but upscale food. And very nice wine lists.

Felidia is quite great. Have the wild boar pasta.

I haven’t been since Gabe Thompson left. Are they still good?

Honestly it’s just Marea and then which neighborhood/setting do you prefer? The problem is that Ai Fiori is in the worst neighborhood - still gets an expense crowd, so expensive, but not in an area known for its food.

Hearth is still pretty good, and that’s Italian-ish.

Is Upland any good? Obviously Il Buco was fantastic when Simille was there. Speaking of which how is Il Buco these days?