New Year's Resolutions

A couple of things kept nagging me last year.

  1. My cellar has become too big. If I stop buying today, I will likely have enough wine for the next 20 years. Storage has become an issue.
  2. I haven’t been successful in slowing down my wine purchases. There are always some amazing deals out there. I was hoping to slow down in December but ended up having an almost record purchasing month. :frowning:

This year (2023) I’d like to resolve to buying bare minimum. Thinking of any good ways of doing it.

What are your 2023 wine resolutions?


How about buying a boat?

Buy wine with more age on it, so I can be sure to have some pleasure now while I wait for the rest of my cellar to mature. Along those lines, share my love of mature wines with my wine friends, in the hopes that it rubs off on them!

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Vlad, good topic. Thought about this, can answer from the POV of resolve to ‘do more of’ and ‘start doing’.

Do More Of…support the producers who share my values: farm organic and treat their land well. Keep drinking blind with my group–learning, be humbled that I can keep learning. To get back to Champagne again this year, and convince (I hope) a few of the local dorks to go with me. Keep posting notes and trying to expand the community here on WB, even if my lane of notes is narrow.

Start Doing…asking more questions. I’m intrigued more and more about listening more, asking why. This is a tough one but I really will do more of it.


Except the resolution thing, I hade the same thought. Your December was exactly same as I had (still need to compile the figures for full on shame in the corresponding thread).

I avoid making any type of New Year’s resolutions, however to hopefully keep it more focused and with less impulse buying I mapped out the must buys for next year. Now lets see how that goes.

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I sent a good portion of my wine to auction. Specifically things I had too much of or had lost interest in. Took out a good 1/3 of it and felt great doing it. Used the funds to buy more Bojo and bubbles along with some cash.


In exactly the same boat lol. I have plenty of wine, but enjoy chasing some of the standards I love, and equally exploring new wines, varieties, and regions. Some wine types I’ve really cut back on, like Rhone. Partly because prices have risen considerably, partly because I’m getting too old to be able to enjoy new purchases when they are properly mature, partly just the nature of recent vintages, and partly because, contrary to popular wisdom, as I get older I find my tastes lean toward more elegant, lighter style wines. Similarly with Burgundy, though there I’ve shifted toward more “outlier” regions and producers, as prices have risen, and availability gone down.

Really, there are so many wines, from so many different regions, that aren’t Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux, Barolo, etc. You could easily drink a different wine every night from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, California, and other wine producing regions around the world, that isn’t ever talked about here. You’d still be drinking outstanding and enjoyable wines, many of which are relatively to very affordable.

My resolution for some time has been to continue exploring wines and regions I don’t have as much experience with.


I passed this 18 months ago so just drinking down and I may still end up leaving some of it to my kids.

With the exception of things I run out of (I tend to drink through Chianti and Grüner Veltliner, as well as Rosé Champagne) the buying spree will stop in November 2023 when the cc I use for most purchases expires. I am cancelling it.

Review all your email subscriptions and start reducing as many as you can. That would be a good start.

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Not sure if you were replying to me, but I dropped 2/3 of all my lists in Q42022.


We don’t drink daily anymore, so cutting way back on daily drinkers. Goal is a net reduction in total quantity. I focused a lot on champagne in 2022 and plan to continue, again looking for less but better.

Buy less wine

I made the same resolution last year, and probably the year before. I’ve failed miserably (40 cases in '22), but nevertheless, they’re finally trending way down compared to previous years. The last few months have seen a substantial drop in purchases, which will continue to decline. I’ll never stop completely. It is my main hobby and obsession outside of food, work, outdoor sports and travel. I enjoy the hunt; the pursuit of hard to source wines I love. Plus, if I ever decide I want to send some to auction, I suspect the appreciation in value of my wine has outpaced most of my retirement holdings.

So my resolution is the same; buy less, share more, and open the good bottle.

Cheers, and may 2023 be everyone’s best year to date.



I need to find a storage solution in 2023… I have an offsite space where i can have 500 bottles and a wine fridge at home that can hold around 100 bottles.

Both are more or less filled now.

Yes, variations on the theme of buy less, focus on quality over quantity.
I try to learn more by visiting a place whenever schedule and finances allow, and in 2023 I resolve to either go to Austria or Piemonte, two areas I have only passing familiarity with. Also a more robust sparkling selection at my house would be nice.

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Great question. Hadn’t thought about it enough. Here go mine:

  1. buy fewer trophies. My cellar is full. I will probably be dead before I enjoy any new vintage of the century from now on. Exception: 2022 burgundy. Because I am a twit.

  2. buy more wine with good karma. That means buying from people who (a) are making not just great but more importantly interesting wines that I will be able to enjoy before I croak and (b) seem to care about me as a customer and (c) just seem to be all around great people. Kelley Fox. Extradimensional Wine Co Yeah! stereophonic. Gigou (if I can ever get them again).

  3. be a better ambassador. Encourage others to develop a passion for wine and to want to seek out the good stuff. Share my excess bottles with those curious about the topic. Don’t tell them what to think, help them understand what they want to get out of a wine.


Point #2 is one I thoroughly agree with. There are producers that I consider friends even if I have only ever met them over Zoom. I will keep buying from them, even if it’s fewer bottles, for as long as I can.


I firmly resolved to downsize in 2023 as well.

As I hope for one of my kids to be interested in wine (one of two seems likely), I plan on creating a short term bin in the cellar to drink wines that may not be interesting to him by the time he gets them. He’s 20 so not into mature wines other than Sauternes but I hope this changes. Til then it will be all about managing drinking windows.

Also planning a move in the next year or two so more impetus to draw down to numbers fit for a wine refrigerator rather than a big cellar. Sending 75 bottles off to auction this month - a 10% dent but a dent nonetheless. Mostly wines that don’t intrigue me much anymore (cali, bdx), wines with >14% alcohol that my body no longer handle, and mature wines that I won’t get through given the numbers. Luckily the burgundy, tuscan and piemontese wines can stay a long while and they are the wines I prefer at the end of a 2 decades long tasting arc.

I also resolve not to avoid pulling really good bottles for the ‘special occasion’ that rarely ever comes up. Plenty of wine saved for that needs to be drunk in the near term.

Gonna be some really good wines with pizza and baked chicken at our table this year!


Perform actual inventory and cellar reorg during dry January.