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Thanks again to Todd for having his finger on the pulse of whats going on in our country as a whole and our industry more specifically. Good man!

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I’m running out of inventory so need to change this up a bit. The new pack is called “Shelter In Place” Pack. Only $342 which includes free shipping (no further discount)
4 x '16 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
4 x '16 Johan Vineyard Pinot Noir
4 x '16 La Chenaie Vineyard Pinot Noir

John Gilman’s notes on each wine:

2016 Willamette Valley
As I mentioned after my visit to Michael Sterling’s Franny Beck Vineyards back in the summer of 2017, his Willamette Valley bottling is not his entry level wine, but is a blend of his three single vineyard wines, merged to make a different interpretation of the vintage. The 2016 version is outstanding, offering up a pure and complex nose of red plums, black cherries, spice tones redolent of clove and nutmeg, a lovely base of soil, a bit of smoked meats, incipient notes of cola and a very discreet base of new oak. On the palate the wine is very transparent, focused and full-bodied, with a fine core, stellar soil signature, ripe tannins and a long, youthful and tangy finish. This is a superb bottle of pinot noir in the making, but it is a puppy and needs four to six years in the cellar to start to blossom. It is going to be lovely in the fullness of time.

Drink 2025-2050. 91+

2016 Johan Vineyard
The 2016 Johan Vineyards pinot from Franny Beck is one of the ripest wines I have yet seen from this cool vineyard, as it comes in at 13.7 percent octane, but the summer of 2016 was a scorcher in Oregon. The wine is absolutely stunning on the nose, soaring from the glass in a very complex blend of red and black plums, cherries, cocoa powder, a gorgeous base of soil, a touch of sweet stems, gamebird, cloves, woodsmoke and cedar. On the palate the wine is deep, pure and full, with great transparency, a lovely core of sappy fruit, ripe, seamless tannins and a long, tangy and complex finish. This is a great bottle in the making.

Drink 2025-2055. 94

La Chenaie Vineyard
The 2016 la Chênaie Vineyard bottling from Michael Sterling is a touch riper than the Armstrong, coming in at 13.6 percent octane, but sharing the same precision and purity on the nose and palate. The bouquet is a bit more black fruity than the above, wafting from the glass in a mix of black cherries, pomegranate, woodsmoke, gamebird, raw cocoa, a touch of fresh thyme, dark soil tones and a whisper of new oak. On the palate the wine is full-bodied, complex and very nicely balanced, with a fine core of fruit, lovely soil signature and a long, moderately tannic and vibrant finish. This is still marked a bit by its whole clusters on the youthful backend and will need some bottle age, for those who do not like the youthful flavor of stems, but structurally, it is accessible already and if whole clusters do not bother you, it is already quite tasty. That said, its best days are still ahead of it and I would choose to bury it in the cellar for five to seven years (even though I like whole clusters), as it is going to age beautifully.

Drink 2025-2055. 92+

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Just noted on this earlier today (Just got it today too!). It’s awesome.
Purple tinged ‘majesty’ edges, this has some prettiness on first sight. Fragrant and hi-toned blue/red fruitson nose; quite fragrant at that. Palate shows some deeply entwined cranberries, sassafras and orange peel which I do ‘dig’ very much. This shows soft and elegant while not being light, this is all about balance and structure. The texture comes into play after 20 minutes in the glass which says a literal mouthful, just awesome. Not the longest time on the tongue, but that’s ok as it really shows such completeness elsewhere, I can forgive, and as a matter of fact, I can appreciate as this can never be ponderous or over-bearing, so that’s a good thing, no? A little playful, a lot of serious, this shows depth and character. I love it. 94 pts

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Hey Michael - trying to send this to my inlaws but the free shipping isn’t working on the deal. Can you help?

Updated offer with 20% discount and free shipping on 6’ers. Have at it people

Order in for some rosé, thanks Michael.

Why is screaming eagle prominently included in this offer?

It’s only included if you own a helicopter.


In for a heli-pack! Looking forward to trying. I was preoccupied on BD and didn’t get to all the wineries I’d wanted to. Grateful to have another opportunity!

Thanks so much to everyone that’s so generously sent in orders! Just a reminder, Californians can email me at michael@frannybeck.com to place an order. Cheers all!

Just an update on shipping for the most recent orders: Most went out on Friday and the remaining and newest orders will ship out this week. If anyone needs to update their shipping address, please email me directly or send me a PM. Thanks again to everyone whose been so generous!

I am looking forward to this. Already blew through some of my January Berserker day order!

Ordered a mixed 6 pack. flirtysmile

A sheep farmer wants to drive his stinky, dented pickup truck to Franny Beck Winery.*

We, too, just had a chance to try the 2016 WV PN. I can’t match the excellent TN above. My TNs are usually, “Oh Fook that’s good!” or the opposite. Anyway, we decanted this wine for about a half hour before diving in. It started out very tight, but opened up quickly and continued to improve to the very last drop. While a serious wine and “masculine” in texture (since we also call wines feminine) it went down with cheerful ease and we both looked wistfully at our empty glasses. It definitely has the stuffing to age a bunch of years. We both found that the wine reminded us of Vincent’s style – something which is meant to be a compliment to both of them. Go get some!

*Yeah, that’s me. We were supposed to go visit the winery April 15. Michael seems like a great guy. Well go see him as soon as we can.

Thanks Chris! This is the type of note I love to read. Tasting notes are great and certainly helpful, but hearing about people’s positive experiences with my wines is truly gratifying. So, thank you and enjoy the rest of those wines, you’ve got some good ones!

My fix just showed up. What do I Pobega first?

The offer was so good, I ordered it twice.

Ok, so one of the orders was by accident but I am not disappointed. We hosted a tasting at our house a few years ago with Michael and Ally and it was a great time. I absolutely love the wines, just need more space in the cellar.

Last night we opened up a bottle of the 16 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Started out tight, once opened up excellent. We had another Pinot Noir we like already open, did not compare and made for disappoint as it’s a staple for us. We had it with grilled quarantine burgers, and baked sweet potato fries. I will be ordering another case even with having no room.

Paul, I was listening to a lecture on Carl Jung and the Unconscious Mind earlier today. Made me think of you and your orders. My question for you is whether your purchase was part of your personal unconscious or your collective unconscious? Is ordering Franny Beck and archetype? Makes one wonder, no? :wink: