New Wine Opportunity Deal Site Invitation: Winegavel Flash

Hey fellow Berzerkers:

We are going to be launching our brand new Opportunity of the Week site, WineGavel Flash on June 6th. We are going to be offering just one collectible wine a week (Monday thru Wednesday) at a great price until its gone. We will only be offering only one high-rated, limited production wine at a great price, once each week for 72 hours. I want to invite all of you to join in on the fun and get in early on this new branch of WG & Company.

If you would like to simply PM me with your name and email - I will make sure you get added to the list for our first offer on 6/6 when our site launches.

Its a very exciting time, and I personally hope that you will join us! Thank you, and of course, cheers!

~Richard Caplan
Marketing Director, WG & Company

Are you affiliated with an existing merchant?

WineGavel - Cellar 29 - Avid Wines newhere

Yes, we are with WG & Company Fine & Rare.

Getting a great response…thank you to every Berserker who has signed up. grouphug

Anyone who wants in on the first opportunity there is time to PM me your name and email before our first debut offer this Monday June 6th! Its going to be a wonderful collectors opportunity and will sell out!

Our site is launched, so if you want to sign up you can do so securely at so that you’ll be in the first to know about this coming week’s collector’s opportunity on Monday!

Quick question - do you only hold for shipping for 3 months? I ask because if I buy something on monday, I can guarantee that it will not be shipping weather in the South in September. Maybe October, but November is the best bet.



Hey Girard, we can deliver it you via temp controlled shipping via UPS/Vin-Go. We can also hold your wines up to 3 months too.

Make sure your signed up at so you get our weekly opportunity offer!