New Vine Logistics Suspends Operations

Man, I’ve been tempted to switch to them for a long time and figured I would probably do it eventually. Now, I guess not…

New Vine Logistics Suspends Operations

For those who don’t know, NVL was probably the largest 3rd party shipper / fulfillment house in Napa and many wineries depended on their model for 3 tier distribution. Several hundred wineries are wondering today how they can get wine to their customers now and of course, they have inventory at NVL.

What a mess. Any delays now mean wine won’t be shipped until the fall. And how are they going to get the inventory out of New Vine if indeed New Vine is completely done.

“…New Vine has abruptly gone into a state of financial crisis…”

hmmmmm. i sure hope they “abruptly” get things back on track…lots of folks will be hurting over this one: employees, wineries, and consumers alike.

Latest update on New Vine Logistics - looks like they will be acquired by Inertia Beverage Group: Inertia Beverage Group Acquires/Merges With New Vine
Looks like more info will be available today.

Interesting merger…adding a service like New Vine provided seems like it would make a lot of sense for Inertia.

No word on what will become of the Amazon / New Vine venture.