New Tongs.. Help

Either… the Hinges are poor ( twist ) , it pinches my skin ( at the hinge ) or they seem just a bit awkward ( possibly to short )

What are you using…

Help… Me

12 and 16 inchers from Ace Restaurant Supply. Made in USA of stainless steel.

WS has them for a tad bit more…|4|1||4|tongs||0&cm_src=SCH" onclick=";return false;

I’m with Bill on the style and sizes.

I’ve also found this store to be great:" onclick=";return false;

As you cook so much, take a look at their plastic containers for food storage. Damn cheap and much like what you’d need to do batch cooking.

I use OXO. They maintain thier alignment and the grips work well even when my hands get slippery.

I use the same thing that Tex has, but mine have a metal loop that can slide down to the end to help keep the ends together, which is good for storage.

My wife bought tongs from Pampered Chef that were crafted by Satan himself. They have a thick Teflon coating on the ends, which serves no purpose other than to make it difficult to grab your food. The worst part is the design near the grip, which has pinched chunks of flesh off my palm on more than one occasion.

+1 with Tex and Chris. Make sure they are locking, like the photo

When it come to tongs, spend the money. I bought a pair at Home Depot for the first Berserkerfest we had here. WRONG. Carrie took them and bent them in half, then told me to go home and get her restaurant tongs. (Stainless, in three sizes, 12 inch, 16 inch and 22 inch.) Far superior. The size of your BBQ dictates the length, but remember everything weighs more at the end of 30 inch tongs than they do at the end of 16 inch tongs.

I was fortunate in my learning experience on tongs. Carrie gave me the bent in half tongs to throw away instead of depositing them somewhere I would not have appreciated. flirtysmile

Go to a good, large restaurant supply store and plan on spending the day browsing. They usually carry the spectrum of tools chefs use from “it’ll get by” to “I never leave them out of my sight”. Catalogs are OK but you really need them in hand. I realize your in the midwest but for others If you’re ever on Hwy 101 in Santa Maria, Cali you can go to Cresco also in LV and Sacto.

Agreed. Most of my stuff is from restaurant supply. The best way to go.

These are the best ones, because they have the grips.

OXO. Comes in several lengths.

Yep… had this meat cutter too!!

I have the same ones. Very sturdy, locking, no slipping.

I grabbed a 14 lb wagyu brisket off the grill with those things and they didn’t bend, slip or anything

Before someone beats me to it: baller…

One handed, while barefoot!

Are you pregnant?

look and feel like it! haha

+4 … 5?

Curious …

On those Oxo’s, has anyone been pinched by the hinge, if something slips. That hinge angle looks pretty narrow if the tips come together, accidentally ? That smarts!!


The OXO’s rule!. Bob S introduced me to them and I woudn’t use anything else. The hinge is very sturdy and the arms have no flex.

Paul I have not had any problems with pinching.

OXO with metal tips for the grill and two smaller OXO with plastic/rubber/somethingelse tips for the cookware.