NEW to post on WB; Quickie in Napa

Only 2 wineries, but WOW


09 Tocai – 35 cases and only avail at winery; think the PERFECT summer white wine; a great mix between a not too sweet reisling, crisp sauv blanc and a hint of CA chard……wowser

06 Firebelle – 55% Merlot based blend, with Cab, Petit Verdot and Malbec all mixed in….a very fruit forward nose in the glass, but a little disappointing in and on the mouth. For sure not my favorite.

06 Estate Cab – ‘Nuff said! May have to be in the top 3 or 5 of best Napa Cabs for QPR (along with nice scores year in, year out from Mr. Parker). Boom, pop, pour and drink – you will NOT be disappointed.

06 Cab LMV Salon – an even more impressive and full bodied Napa cab, that takes the very, very good Estate and takes it simply to the next level up and delivers on all cylinders; fruit, bouquet, holds smoothly in the mouth and a silky but defined finish.


07 Red Shoulder Ranch Chard – must say, I’m a fan of the wine, but for some reason today, quite acidic and lacking a meaningful body/depth; not sure why, but didn’t come close to my previous experiences….oh well

06 Merlot – GONG, next shall we…

05 One Point Five (Cab) – again, lifeless, almost limp and wimpy for a Napa Cab….not much to add.

06 Relentless (Syrah/Petite Syrah) – quite delicious; big fruit on the nose, with a slight touch of alcohol/heat, but not overwhelming in the least bit; pepper and cassis driven, well done

04 Hillside Select – truly lives up to its name, history and expectations; great definition of what a Napa Cab should be, it had it all.

Thanks for the notes, Daniel. Welcome!

Colin [cheers.gif]

Dang, the Shafer notes have me itching to go there…

Charlie, Carrie - are we gonna get hooked up for Shafer on Friday of Berserkerfest?

Daniel, great first post. Welcome and please post often.
My experience withe One Point Five was better though.

Daniel is a celebrity, everyone, he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article about CA wineries today!

Welcome Daniel, nice notes. I’ve really enjoyed the Relentless .

What? are we tour guide neener


Great post Daniel. These is a great note style that I could really get used to reading. Thanks for sharing!

Hooked up? I’ve only been hooked up there once and it was a PITA. But if you want to go – and as far as tours go, it’s probably worth it – you can still get in for the 14th (this is a shocker)" onclick=";return false;

Eh, no need for a PITA tasting - Berserkerfest is about FUN

Pay the $30 (or whatever it is and go) – in that regard, very easy and fun. And they might be selling the 05 HSS at that time.

Now $45 per person.

an idea of the distances of the wineries you want to go to Todd. neener Btw you won’t even like Shafer! It’s too big and ripe for you! [stirthepothal.gif]
google maps

oh and toss in dinner in Yountville at the very end so somewhere in the middle :wink:

Dude! I already said forget it!

Shafer blows! I would NEVER want to go there!

(just being clear…)

just giving you an idea of the distances :wink: