New (To Me) Importer: Sacred Thirst

The PicpoulNoir that I had out there came thru a new importer (to me) by the name of Sacred Thirst, based out of Moraga.
When you look at their WebSite, you find they have a very/very interesting
portfolio…many of which producers I never done did hear of.
One of the things that always frustrates me about some of these importer WebSites is they have little, if any, information
on the people behind them. This site has zero info on the principals. Poking around, I find that one John (or Tucker) Mady is a partner.
Another is Mike Tesarek, who also works for BlueDanubeImports.
Anybody know these guys or any of the folks behind Sacred Thirst?? Or anybody ITB have any insight on Sacred Thirst?
I’d like to try more of their wines.

I’m pretty sure it is Chris Deegan, of NOPA fame