New Sunnin Cafe location in Westwood

This is exciting to me, because it’s my neighborhood, but the Lebanese restaurant Sunnin Cafe is moving across the street on Westwood Blvd., to the old Earth Wind & Flour location. If you’ve been to the old Sunnin, the food was very good, but the cafe itself was tiny/cramped/not very nice–better for takeout. But if they remodel the EWF location well, this could be a vast improvement, and it looks like they’ll have a liquor license as well. So perhaps BYOB will be allowed also.


Good restaurant. Kriss Reed organized an offline at the Long Beach location last year and I’ve been back for lunch several times.

One of my go-to take out places since it’s so close to home. Can’t wait for a bigger space and if they get the license, an off-line is mandatory!