NEW SITE COMING AUG 16, 2022 (WB now in 'read only' mode)


As outlined in prior discussions on the new system being implemented, the goal is to turn the current site into ‘read only’ mode on Aug 15, hopefully opening the new site for live use Aug 16, or sooner if we can, or later if we cannot! I can update this thread while it is in ‘read only’ mode for more information as we go along.

When the new site is launched, we will have Zoom sessions (recorded, for those who aren’t able to attend live and ask questions) to walk through it, but for those who spent a little time on the test site, you’ll see it’s not hard to learn - it’s still a forum, after all, just a much more feature-rich and modern approach.

ALL posts will transfer over, have no fear!!

What about PM history transferring? I know other software handles them differently and/or are encrypted in some way.

So register at the new site now??

No, there is no new site - new site will be at this same domain/URL - we have this read-only until we’re ready to switch DNS records and the like, so when it’s live, it will be live automatically when you show up.

Also, you don’t register again - all info is being transferred

Thanks Todd. I asked this for all the other procrastinators here, it just took me a while.

Yes, all PMs transfer as well

Will there be counselors available for berserkers suffering from withdrawal?

Will there be a classic mode?

Yes, and it is as close as we can get, and aptly named:
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 4.59.36 PM.png
Here’s how it looks (though it will have some slight tweaks by the master Julian Devlin)
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 5.00.01 PM.png

Now that is a thing of beauty! flirtysmile

Do I understand correctly that the board is starting over from scratch (i.e., no adding to old threads)?

What makes you say that?

Only until a teenager fixes it for you.


you’re volunteering are you?

The threads will be transferred and then we will be able to add to them as we do here.


All posts, all threads, all forums, all private messages, all profiles (though we are taking out tens of thousands of those who haven’t logged on in years, get a fresh look in the new spot - they can re-register) will transfer.

UPDATED downtime - shutting down at 11pm Pacific Aug 14/2am Eastern Aug 15 - will be READ ONLY - you can read threads, search, etc, but no posting ability. I’m doing it this way so we have the slowest time of the forum to do the final data dump, then marry it with the big data dump from the initial effort. I will send out a forum-wide email, and if you have pressing needs, you can always email me, or go to our Facebook page -

I will also keep this thread updated with info, as I will be able to post, and there’s no need to transfer info about the move over to the new site afterward anyway

Thanks for all of this work and updating! Can’t wait to see our new swanky home!

I’ve started writing my complaint so I can be ready when it goes live.


will i be able to use the search function more than once within 12 seconds?

good luck on the migration!

Spoken like a true berserker [berserker.gif]