New or Updated Topics Banner

I am no longer seeing a banner for New or Updated Topics in the Wine Talk forum. I still see those banners elsewhere, just not in WINE TALK. I suspect user error is the culprit, and I have not found any settings anywhere that will bring this back. I’m seeing this both on desktop and mobile versions. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

You likely ‘muted’ the forum by mistake, check with the bell icon when in that forum

You want one of those NOT ‘muted’

Unfortunately, that did not work, the issue still persists.

The trivialness of this has me feeling a bit like Abe Simpson.

Can you give me a screenshot example of what you are (not) seeing? Also what your ‘bell’ (watching) setting is for Wine Talk

This is what I see on the Asylum, but not on Wine Talk, specifically, the banner that says "See 1 new or updated topic. The notification bell setting is consistent across all forums and is set to ‘Normal.’


That image above shows you are on the Asylum forum - what about ‘latest’ ? Click the three lines, click ‘latest’

This is what I see - all forums, including Wine Talk

Same banner as the Asylum. At most, this is a minor annoyance since I can simply refresh the page, but my OCD does not handle the inconsistency well.