New member tasting note - '07 Vietti Barbara d'Asti

'07 Vietti Barbara d’Asti Tre Vigne: easy drinker with bright red fruit. Medium body. Perfect accompaniment to a gourmet meal of pizza and salad.

I’ve been a fan of Vietti for a while. The 06 Barbera D’alba is also lovely.

Your 07 sounds distinctly like a typical, lighter fresher style that seems to be coming out of that particular vintage from Northern Italy.

A very appropriate choice, since Alfredo Currado just passed away:

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I will look to open something from Vietti tonight.

Fred…thanks for the note and welcome to the board!

This wine gets better with age. Here’s my TN when I had the Vietti Barbera with 6 years on it. I love Cellartracker. I was still able to get the note that I write 2-1/2 years ago! And it took 30 seconds.

  • 2001 Vietti Barbera d’Alba Scarrone - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Barbera d’Alba (10/7/2007)
    I bought this a few years ago when the winemaker was pouring it at a tasting. He autographed the bottle and I promptly lost it at the bottom of one of my wine racks, only to find it today and decide to give it a try with home made Tuscan bean soup and a turkey roasted in a Big Green Egg. Popped and poured. Very dark red color with no sign of deterioration or bricking. Balanced nose with red fruits and cherries. Palate was a balance of red fruit and spice. Some noticeable earthy Piedmonte terroir mixed with predominantly dark cherry fruit and perhaps a bit of blueberry/blackberry. The earthy terroir came out more over the next hour. Very nice smooth and full mouth feel with good balance. No apparent woodiness. My guess is that this is vinified either in large used barrels or something else like maybe concrete vats. I do not think it is steel, and I doubt it is small oak barrels. NO apparent sweetness on the palate; the fruit was on the tart side. My son’s comment, “It’s not as good as that other wine we had a few days ago.” No, it wasn’t. That was Pax Cuvee Moriah. But this was still very good wine. I am not that familiar with Barbera and most of what I have had is from the US. This is better than the US Barberas I have had, including one I tasted yesterday that got an 89 from RMP. (88 pts.)

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Had this wine at a restaurant last week- Solid Barbera for sure, slightly on the fruit forward side.