New label design for my Petite Sirah Res.

This is the weekend I wrap up the bottling of our 2008 Edgewood Road wines. The last is the PS Reserve. It came together very nicely from last time. The argon shots into the bottles just before corking really worked well on the previous two, the Cab and petite.

With luck we should get about 24 bottles. We are discussing ramping it up with a few other friends, and moving it all to my garage. My wife should be canonized. Do they do that for people still alive? She has given me more rope to hang myself than one would need to hang all of the Bounty’s crew.

here’s my new label design for the reserve (would you expect any different from a few Brooklyn boys?):

Mike, I LOVE it! Hell, it makes me want to try some of the wine, too!! Looks like an album cover!

SWEET [welldone.gif]