New here...looking for a particular sparkling/champagne...

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The Mrs. and I have our 10th wedding anniversary coming up. We live in Texas (the Dallas area), and we’re trying to find something from 2004.

When we got married, we had a bottle of Moet & Chandon Millesime Blanc Vintage 1996.

Well, since it’s our 10th anniversary champagne.gif , we’d like to get a bottle of the same stuff, but from 2004, since that’s when we got married.

We’d prefer to buy it at a “brick and mortar” store, but if we can find it online, and get it shipped to Texas, we’re OK with that, too.

Does anyone know where we can find this particular product? I’ve been [scratch.gif] for a few weeks now over this.

[thankyou.gif] in advance!! brings up a bunch of places – there are two pages of search results, so I’m not sure if any are in Texas or who may ship… but this is a good place to start:

Enjoy your anniversary!


Thanks so much!! [thankyou.gif]

That had just what we were looking for! [welldone.gif]

We will definitely enjoy it on our anniversary! champagne.gif

Might I suggest that you “splurge” and buy a 1996 Dom Perignon “Oneo” for your 20 year anniversary while they’re still on the market? It’s a huge step-up in cost…but should be one hell of a wine to celebrate your 20th with.