NEW FEATURES - new notification menu

Some new features were introduced around BerserkerDay, so I put them aside during the madness, but now they have been implemented, and I wanted to showcase the one I selected a bit, as they allow for some fantastic customization of your usage here.

Notifications: The Notifications menu (click your avatar, that’s your notifications) now has tabs for each type of notification so when you’re looking for those two recent replies but have gotten a few more recent likes and mentions, you can find them easily without navigating away from the current page.

Counts for different types of unread notifications are shown on each tab so you can see at a glance what kinds of things may be waiting for you. Dismiss a subset of notifications on a given tab when you want to clear one out but still want to follow up on the others.

Click the pencil icon next to the categories or tags sections to be taken to your sidebar preferencespage to add categories or tags to your own sidebar. Counts for new and unread topics are shown alongside any categories and tags you choose to add to your sidebar.

(you can see mine is packed with users that need approval, yours won’t look like that, lol)

How do I close the sidebar on mobile?

This completely broke almost every aspect of my mobile UI.

Tap the icon again


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So unread threads are now under categories?

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I still have room on the right to tap

I don’t

I feel like this gets less intuitive with each update.


100% agree.

They removed the “latest” link from the three lines.


It’s now under the Categories menu

How do I get the “unread” that used to be there?

Read this thread :wink:

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It’s now more visible and easier to click

@Rob_S1 (unread here as well)

Which theme are you running?

Unless you’re in a thread, then you can’t just hit “Latest” straight away.

Edge with default colors

If you enter in or go to the top level view, you can see the Latest. I also liked the option under the three horizontal bars (it’s also in the other place CFu showed, but it was previously, too).


It may depend on the theme and other preferences, but the spacing on mobile has changed (now narrow and crowded in post composition box).


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I feel like “everything” defaults to “latest”. took me 10 min to figure that out once someone moved my cheese

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Both - still have the previous navigation up top