New Domaine Storage inventory software replacing CellarTracker

Am I the only one kinda miffed by this? I prefer CellarTracker’s interface and now I have to manage CT separately for what I have stored there…

What happened?

They launched a proprietary inventory management system. I suppose bottle pull requests are easier - not that sending emails was actually difficult - but having to manually manage CellarTracker inventory for bottles kept offsite by reconciling with this software is definitely harder.

That’s been the case for years.

Maybe it’s rolled out one location at a time? My “premier” account in DC just got converted.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Gotcha. For NJ we’ve been on the proprietary system for a while.

I don’t like it either but have found putting everything in CT and clicking through what arrives / removing what goes to be ok. I periodically I download the spreadsheet and add up the bottles to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Lol please point me to the last gripe on this message board that was not an ultimate first world problem. But yes, not the end of the world…