New Breville Pizzaiolo electric pizza oven looks kinda amazing

several units in stock at the bbby in the chelsea manhattan location for 25% off ($750)

BTW, I was following the Ooni Volt 12 thread on for a few weeks. The Volt is a new electric pizza oven competitor for the Breville, and can hit a higher temp and be used both inside or outside (it’s waterproof, apparently). They are the same base price.

Seems like a good oven that can make good pizzas, but just like the Breville there is a learning curve to optimize your results.

Doesn’t seem like enough difference to me to justify replacing my Breville with the Volt since the pizzas I’m seeing posted look pretty similar to what I can make. If my Breville ever breaks, I might consider the Volt just to try something different. But I don’t think the Volt clearly supplants the Breville, they both work well.

Breville Ovens are back on sale; 20% off.

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I’m letting a friend borrow mine. He was like… He thought it was just hype, but he’s like OH. High heat makes a difference… I’m a little underwhelmed at Gozney’s S1 Dome sale…