New bottle shape...let the jokes commence.

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Developed by a couple of dads at the park, who would have guessed?


For drinking straight from the bottle?

This will spawn more questions about the right type of rack.

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Any sabering vids out there yet? [wow.gif]


If you rub it the bottle becomes a magnum


Hot-wax seal, if you need “safe” storage.

Now that’s funny! champagne.gif

As soon as they can find a Mohel with an MW certification.

I understand, though, that initial focus group testing isn’t going well, and all their investors are pulling out early.

There’s a Lorena Bobbitt joke here, but I’m not going to make it.

Pass, I prefer my sparkling wines without nut flavors.

69 points at best. Suckling 96!


How about with a creamy taste?

Was thinking creamy aftertaste [wow.gif]

With ratings?

Ewwww! Another “hard” pass.

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Good call. Whatever they do, keep this guy away or else it won’t be just the tip

Just the thing to serve at my son’s bris!

(with passed calamari as an apertif)

But if you put it into the fridge it turns into a 375.


Good one.
Honestly, I thought I’d see more “Suckling” comments. Seems like it would write itself.

We’re all mohels now

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