New Becheur wine: 2016 Napa Valley Mount Veeder Syrah

For the first time, I managed to order early and picked up a case at $6.98/bottle. Didn’t even read the description before buying in my haste. It is possible!

Turns out to be an interesting story. A few barrels of 2016 or 2017 Syrah were accidentally topped with 2015 or 2016 Syrah, meaning it legally became non-vintage (and harder to sell).

I’ve tried the Becheur Sauvignon Blanc and the Mourvedre. Both are quite good for the price. Looking forward to trying this one.


Saw that, was up to 15 when I started looking

How much does Becheur typically charge for shipping?

Included in the price (at least was for me)

Overall, I have found Bechur wines to be a really good value and very high quality. (and yes, shipping included)

But, we are not big Syrah fans so will probably pass on this one, but I chances are the quality here is very high.

In the mid 20’s now.

Saw it 15 minutes after getting the email and it was already $22, so I passed. I had the cab that they offered and it was not great. The mourvedre was slightly better for my tastes but I’m not super eager to bite on a new offer without seeing others’ tasting notes.

Really enjoyed the Mourvèdre and also the Pinot, but with a minimum order of 12 this is a pass over $15. Wish he’d drop the dynamic pricing and just have a reasonable price (which can be seen in pictures on a couple offers)…

I just don’t get how that would be a beneficial pricing model - consumer psychology is constantly working against you because no buyer wants to be the one who buys above the average price.

Edit: and the algo isn’t actually dynamic pricing because it only goes up, rarely down. Don’t think he’d have all this left over inventory if he had a standard but competitive price.

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Just grabbed a case. Can’t go wrong with Becheur or Terrien. Had about 4 different Chards (vineyards and vintages), Cab, Sauvignon Blanc, PN and really loved them all. Only one that was a bit lower on the scale was the Mourvedre (and that was cheaper). Great QPR, I find.

Funny, I clicked on it right when I got the email today and it was already over $15. Is there a tiered email list or something so those who have purchased before get priority and lower pricing?

Not sure. I probably got to it within 1-2 minutes of getting the email. I’ve been on the list since summer 2020, for what it’s worth.

Was about $18.60 when I clicked which was about 10-15min after it was sent. I emailed Michael straight away and he said there were no pre-sales and in about 10min the price had risen to that level from the initial levels. Gotta be quick!

There can’t be that many Mt Veeder syrahs out there, can there?

Got this today and drinking it now. VERY good.

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