New and exciting carbon fry pan

When I renovated my kitchen last Spring I wanted a truly flay 12 inch fry pan for my new glass stovetop as my oder CIA’s have a bit of a wobble. I gave the made-in brand a whirl. Ths stainless steel 12 inch will not put the big boys out of business but its a decent pan. I did have to return the first as it wobbled a bit. lol
The people at made-in were gracious enough to return and the new pan is good. One of the first attractions was the made-in USA benefit so there’s that.

When the 10 inch carbon option came available I figured, sure, why not? I have a carbon 12 inch but it’s heavy. This one seemed perfect as it has the high sloping sides I really like.
When it came last week I was truly impressed by its feel. It was offered for $59 with free shipping. It seems exceptionally well made and I can see many years of great use moving forward. Funny thing is it is made in France!

nice post Mike. Glad you’re pleased with the product. Went to the site and watched the video and browsed. This product feels very “Misen” - esq. Which, to me, is a great thing. I have a few Misen knives and I’ve paid for the teflon pans they’re creating and have their stainless pans. I’ve been very happy with the product. Best in class? No. Affordable and ahead of the group for similar dollars spent? I think so. Looks like you have found something similar and I really appreciate supporting said adventures. Report back in a few months and let us know how the pan has held up, please.

Looks very similar to De buyer mineral steel

Probably made in the DeBuyer factory for made-in.

This: Next lottery starts Sunday. Certainly not at the same price point category as the pan you bought but it is the best I’ve had. Gets better and better with use.

Wow, those look amazing.

Need a new sauce pan, so signed up for the waitlist for a 3 qt. Looks like good quality at a decent price.

Definitely a De Buyer look alike.I just picked up the 11” Country chef pan, it might be the coolest pan I have ever had . Highly recommended

There is something very “L.A. Story” about a lottery to purchase a pan. I am sure it’s a good pan, bu the process is amusing.

It’s been used before in the custom kitchen knife arena.

The profile is very different than the DeBuyer. The handle rides higher and seems hand polished. I own the DeBuyer, this actually seems better made.

I’ll have some in commerce corner come April, will trade for Pappy Suckers [bye.gif]

wait list for a 12" SS Fry.
I really like the look and can’t wait to give it a try. If I like it I will add a Saucier or two.
Thanks Mike

I ordered two 12" SS Fry and a 3-qt saucier.