Need Seattle Restaurant Recommendations

Hi everyone I need some recommendations for restaurants in the downtown Seattle area in the month of July. This is for a reunion, so we’ll need to accommodate between 30-35 people. We’re thinking the establishment should have both indoor and patio accommodations. My guess is probably gastro pub/bistro or tapas food, but we’re open to other options.

Thank you for your recommendations. [cheers.gif]

what’s your budget? you could buy out Canon.

I can’t recall if they have patio, but the Little London Plane would be good for this size.


Not technically downtown (but pretty close). Terra Plata has a rooftop deck that is spectacular in nice weather.

Bar Ferdinand (locavore tapas bar) has a fair amount of space and spills into a courtyard…

July. Go to MBar. Spectacular views. Indoor and outdoor.
Call and see if they will set u up with a private party.

MBar is a great idea – rooftop with great views. Not sure if you can get private space there, but certainly worth trying!

A less obvious and perhaps inappropriate option, but there are a few breweries in Ballard and Fremont that have great outdoor areas and almost always have great food trucks on weekends. Reuben’s, Stoup, Fremont Brewing…all good options potentially.

I would think that Manolin fits the bill perfectly.

Though, from what I remember, they do not take reservations. However, for a party of that size they may be able to make exceptions.

I’m going to get some more details (budget etc.) in a few days and will report back.

Ate at Spinasse last night. Was fantastic. First time to Seattle and would come back just for that restaurant. At Matt’s tonight

Ryan, I’ll be curious to hear how you enjoy your meal at Matt’s. A few years back it was fantastic. I haven’t been since.