Need recommendation for lunch place downtown LA near the Broad

I’m taking my aunt to see the new Broad Art Museum in downtown Los Angeles, and we want to grab lunch before our 1pm entry time. The Broad is
between 2nd & 3rd on Grand Avenue, across from the Colburn. It doesn’t have to be any place expensive/fancy, but I would like some restaurant sort of nice/sit down within a couple of blocks so my aunt doesn’t have to walk too far.



Kendall’s Brasserie in the Music Center is exactly 2 blocks away–just east of 1st on Grand. With a judicious parking strategy you should be able to minimize walking distance. It may be fancier than you’re looking for, but it sure looks convenient. It appears they open for lunch at 11:30.

Come on Bruce, splurge and take her to Patina. The Broad is probably one that lends itself best to dining in another area.

There’s a new place Vespaio that has the edge of being extremely close. But while it’s really cool as far as setting, the food is just ok and pretty expensive. Kendall’s is reasonably close and decent. I’d probably go for Blue Cow Kitchen. It’s quite casual but the offerings are pretty tasty and if distance is an issue it’s closer than Kendall’s. It’s also reasonably priced as many d’town places aren’t. If you want super easy and inexpensive there’s a little Mexican place called Ocho that is a gussied up Chipotle knock-off.

Charlie also suggested Blue Cow, so I think that’s where we’ll go. Nice, casual sitdown but not a fancy-schmancy place since we’ll be doing the museum post-lunch.


I think Blue Cow is a good choice, especially if you are not there during the lunch rush hour, when the line can get long.

A couple of other suggestions:

In the Wells Fargo Center right next door to the Broad you can find a California pizza kitchen and Nick & Stefs (steak place that just reopened); a couple of casual places that i like are the new made to order salad spot that opened on the ground floor, hope street side, and smoke, which has made to order BBQ/salads (but no seating inside). At 400 South Hope Street (the next building down), there is Pez Cantina, which serves decent mexican food.

Across the street near Blue Cow is a Panda and a Mendocino Farms. I will also sometimes walk to the Disney Concert hall and grab something from the cafe on the ground floor, then walk to the garden in the back of the concert hall. If you don’t mind that style of dining, and the weather is cooperating, it’s a nice spot to eat.