Need lab testing on 2 wine samples

I need to test 2 samples of wine for total acidity and VA. Email me directly if you can help. Bruce

Are these wine you made Bruce, or just wines that you’ve purchased and are curious about?

I’ve got a hunch I know what these are…

John–These were wines that were bought, and then tasted recently.


I asked because if a wine has been opened, the VA will continue to escalate, so you won’t ever know what the VA was in the wine. Of course you could always send them an unopened bottle for an accurate measure.

Just goes to show; you can’t keep a good thread down. [popcorn.gif]

Can you have VA in White Merlot?

No but you can in certain highly prized cult wine.

How many folks would love to see the white merlot thread come back and any discussion of VA in their highly prized collectables go away?

Back to Bruce, I think next time you need to set up your testing ahead of time. There are some people in SoCal that I would think have the capacity to do this. The Thompkins come to mind in OC and I’m sure there are others.