Need help with special deal selection of daily drinkers

I have a personal in to a large corporate friends and family offering with case lots at 50 to 75% off retail (shipping included free). I picked out some I’m interested in. They’re not likely to set your hair on fire, but I’m trying to stock up on some good daily drinkers at a great value from things I have some familiarity with. It should be obvious who this is from, but I don’t feel comfortable making it public unless anyone wants to PM me and I can clear it with the person in my family who works there to let some people in. grouphug

Yeays & Nays appreciated:

Estancia 06 Reserve Chard <$5 [I’m thinking this is a really good deal]

Mondavi Fume Blanc $8

Estancia 06 Reserve Pinot Noir Pinnacles OR Santa Lucia Highlands BOTH $11 and change [leaning toward the Santa Lucia]

Clos du Bois 06 Sonoma Reserve Cab $11 [not sure at all]

Simi 07 Dry Creek Zin $12 [I have a closer connection to Ravenswood, but this looks good too]

Ravenswood '06 Teldeschi OR Baricia Zins $14 [leaning toward Teldeschi].

Thanks for any advice.

The Ravenswoods sure are “jump on them” category. Probably the Mondavi SB, is it Napa, what year? Pinots look worth a shot too.

The Mondavi is '05 Napa.

I really need some daily Chard too. The Estancia is on Searcher from $15 to $21. Any experience with it out there? Must be good enough for a daily drinker… the only Chard character I tend not too like is over-oakiness.


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Can’t help on the Chard. I’d be worried the Mondavi SB is too old. I often like older domestic SB (particularly when they have a dollop of Semillion) but I’m in the minority.

Yup. My daughter works for them.