Need help for Minneapolis

I am going to be in Minneapolis this summer for a rpofessional conference. We will be staying the the Hyatt. We need some help to pick out a restaurant. There is a BBQ place close by to the Hyatt but we decided that it would not be one that everyone would be happy with (we have a few vegetarians in the group). So, any suggestions for a place that:


  1. can accomodate a larger group-12-15 people

  2. is nice but fairly casual. We want something better than TGI Fridays, but not Per Se either, as some of the people aren’t exactly rolling in cash

  3. Close-ish to the hyatt would be nice

  4. Corkage and wine lists are not neccassary, but if they allow BYOB, I will be bringing wine.


Bob, why don’t you PM Brad England, Steve Sigmond (sp?) and some of the other guys in that group…they were very helpful to me when I visited 2 years ago.

If you can ask twice, I can answer twice. :slight_smile: (see another place on the web)

The Oceanaire is in the same complex (if I have my hotels right) and they have a room that we use for wine dinners that would work for your group.

Again, others will chime in…I hope.


Thanks Mark and Paul. I appreciate teh help, and already have several good leads.

We are a small, local mental health charity, so our budget is so tiny you can barely make it out even with a magnifying glass. [training.gif] But we have identified some likely spots.