Need advice: foil on '10 Pegau noticeably different from other vintages

I just bought 2 bottles of 2010 Pegau Reservee and noticed that the foil is a maroon / brown color which is noticeably different from my other vintages. All other vintages in my cellar are a brighter red color. I bought this wine from a reputable retailer in San Francisco.

Is this a problem? Should I be worried that I just spent significant money on wine that my have been tampered with? A quick Google image search doesn’t help much in terms of the foil color.

Here’s a pic for comparison purposes:
image (2).jpeg

The 2010 has the green tax stamp (grey market bottle) but beyond that I’d not worry about the capsule.

Grey market bottle?

By grey market bottle, this simply means that this bottle came through a different distribution channel than that of the authorized importer for this wine.

I have the same situation here.

Bought 4 Chateau de Fieuzal 2005 from the same source in a sale and 3 were identical with the last one having that green sticker. Since I am locked in a monopole and I trust the chain of supply I was not suspicious but curious.

Thanks for the answer ( and sorry for the thread jacking)