Neal Martin news

Can someone that still uses Facebook shine any light on Neal’s post earlier today? Gather it has to do with his heart, but not sure of details.
Many thanks.

I don’t have a FB login but had someone who does ago help me. He will be undegoimg quadruple bypass surgery .

Looks like he is waiting for bypass surgery after getting checked with his doctor. Post is positive and hopefull, philosophical and funny.

Wow. He’s still pretty young. Here’s wishing him all the best.

That is shocking. He is a very young guy to have 4 vessel disease. Must have a heriditary predisposition to CV issues. Wish him all the best, he seems like one of the really good blokes in the wine world. I always appreciate his fairly honest takes on wines.

best wishes for a speedy recovery.

+1 on all points

We don’t get to pick our parents.
I wish him a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Thanks & shame to hear. Quite serious for someone of his age.

On a side note, this morning was the 1st time I’ve ever felt I was actually missing out not having a facebook account.

+1. EP will be even more irrelevant than usual.