Napa/Sonoma Fires 2024 Edition

I understand the anger, but do you really think that? Would YOU want the job? I would not take Poppe’s job, even for her $17m / year. Inheriting terrible systems, terrible infrastructure, no ability to generate more revenue to make necessary investments. Everyone loathes you, places the blame for terrible tragedies squarely on your shoulders, & your hands are tied and every summer is like going into a gunfight with a knife. Plus the feelings of guilt at not having been able to prevent said death and destruction? No thanks.

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I definitely pity the CEO who made $50mn/14mn/17mn over the last 3 years, all the while operating basically a monopoly, and doing a terrible job


An electrical utility that is a monopoly isn’t surprising.

Lets place some blame on Newsome. I am sick of him blaming climate change and acting like there is nothing he can do, other than buy a new airplane for Cal Fire once in a while. Let’s quit spending Billions on a train to nowhere and give CalFire the real resources they need to fight these fires.

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Perhaps we can take that discussion to the politics thread where it belongs.


When you look at it that way, Sure. However, If you look at it as that CEO delivering value to his shareholders, he’s doing great. At this point, Delivering electricity is secondary to making money for the shareholders. Maybe it always has been. We live in a world where nearly everyone has the mindset that they need to make a shitload of money off everything. Bleed everyone dry to keep the Board happy. Get to it!


Nowhere to go but up after you declare bankruptcy!

Toll Fire- off of Old Lawley Toll Rd. Mt Saint Helena
40+ acres and growing. Smoke is blowing to the west I can see it coming over the top of the hills towards the coast.

In the Burn scar if previous fires so not a ton of fuel but it’s triple digits hot today so that doesn’t help.

Not good - and it’s gonna get hotter this week. How are the winds? Seemed to be picking up yesterday before we left the area . . .


Getting back to wine issues…

This early in the season, are the grapes at risk for smoke taint? Asking for a friend (Ridge :wink:)

Dead calm here but Watch Duty says the fire is wind swept uphill. Fire does create it’s own wind. Offshore flow but no real wind to speak of.
They’re reporting that it has the potential of 100 acres so I think they feel like they’re going to get a handle on it fairly quickly

50 acres right now. There is no real wind, which is one reason we are so hot. Air tankers on the way if not there already, so I don’t see this getting too much worse. The heat has caused the stomata of the leaves to close, so they are not taking in the smoke. And the berries don’r really have much of any pulp yet anyway so smoke taint is not a risk. My biggest fear is how badly the vines might shut down given we are 100-110F the next 9 days. This is what we usually get over Labor Day weekend, instead over the 4th of July weekend. No one has experienced this kind of heat this early so no one can be sure what the effects really are. It’s all a guessing game.


Fixed wing tankers have all been released, Fire held to 50 acres at present time.


Forward progress stopped. Evacuations lifted.

Good move - both Yountville and St.Helena cancelled their holiday fireworks.


Need to go to LED!!!

I know growing season aren’t perfectly aligned but Oregon had a 3 day heat dome in late June 2021. The heat had no effect on the grapes and 2021 is an excellent+ vintage.

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Napa has a drone show this year.


3 day vs 7+ days is a big difference . . .

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