Name the dailies

OK, as a French wine lover, I have been for most of the past few years in search of more upscale wines to cellar… leaving little money for daily drinkers.

When in Beaune last week with Jürgen Steinke and Mike Grammer, we found nice wines to purchase, not too pricey, and fine for more regular consumption.

Jürgen for example lapped up some bottles of both Paul Pernot Puligny Montrachet 2009 and Bouchard Pere & Fils Meursault Les Clous 2008, both drinking well today, both under €25 per bottle.

I recall buying several bottles of Antonin Guyon’s Chambolle Musigny 1999 a few years back for about that price, too, and enjoying it thoroughly. Another one I liked and could buy for decent pricing is Pierre Amiot in Morey St Denis. In Bordeaux, of course, many choices, too, including Tour de Mons in Margaux, in certain vintages, or La Dauphine in Fronsac, to name but two. And then there are some great wines from the Loire Valley, too, which are not very expensive.

What “daily drinkers” or at least “regular go-tos” would you recommend? No appellation limit, I would ask from Champagne and Burgundy to the Loire and the Rhone…

Anne Gros Bourgogne Rouge
Francois Mikulski Bourgogne Blanc
Christian Moreau Chablis Villages
Alain Normand Macon La Roche Vineuse
A.R. Lenoble Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc (Vintage)
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Le MD de Bourgeois (Old Vines From Monts Damnes)
Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc
Vincent Dureuil-Janthial Rullys (Villages and 1er Crus: Blanc and Rouge)
Jean Philippe Fichet Bourgogne Blanc and Meursault Villages
Joseph Drouhin St. Veran
Chateau de Chorey Chorey-Les-Beaune
Pepiere Muscadet Clos des Briords VV

Thierry Matrot Bourgogne blanc
J.M. Boillot Montagny 1er
Maison Leroy Bourgogne rouge
Bernard Baudry cuvee domaine
Domaine Guion, domaine or prestige
Pierre Gonon’s VdP
Lapierre Raisins Gaulois
Vissoux’s beaujolais
Pepiere Muscadets
Faiveley Mercureys

huet demi-secs and secs.

Don’t forget Huet Pétillant!

Louis Jadot Fixin and Jadot St Veran Chappelle aux Loups

Thanks very much!

Panos - you know the answer! Always a bottle of Sauternes open in the fridge for a treat - it can last for ever (although rarely does) and I use it to reward myself with a sip for good deeds done or work completed.

Paul Pernot Puligny Montrachet 2009 and Bouchard Pere & Fils Meursault Les Clous 2008

I know everyone’s price points are different, but I rarely see anyone refer to wines like that as “daily drinkers.” Those are chardonnays that sell in the $40-70 range in the US, and the Guyon Chambolle Musigny is similarly priced here.

By the way, zero offense intended by that, and more power to you the better the wines you are able to buy and drink in large quantities. Though with that as your example, I’m not sure what types of wines you are looking for suggestions on as “dailies,” so maybe you could clarify?


I am not sure what your price cap is, but a few thoughts:

For Burgundy, Bouchard Beaune des Chateau, 2007 Jadot SlB les Narbontons, Bachelet CdN Villages
Beaujolais - Vissoux, Clos des Jacques (Jadot), Drouhin, Desvignes, Brun (for example)
Bandol, say Pibarnon or Pradeaux (although these are getting up in price)
Recently bought Sauzet 2007 PM for $30, at this price, it qualifies
Chinon, lots of producers, say Baudry
Huet sec and demi sec
Baumard Savenierres
Trimbach non CFE or Clos St. Hune
Chablis, say Tribut
Deviating to Spain -Rioja and Ribera del Duero - got Arrocal Ribera del Duero for $12.99

I agree with Chris. When I look for everyday wines, I’m thinking $20-40 and closer to $20. Something along the lines of RM Sonoma Coast or Copain Tous Ensemble. I had a couple of bottles of Domaine Camus-Bruchon & Fils Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Narbantons that were delicious at $25, wish I bought more. I would love some recs on great everyday Burgs in this price range.

I was going to mention this. The 2008 in particular was great and a very good buy at under $20.

And I’ll go one step further than my prior disclaimer – the wines I consider daily drinkers (usually in the $15-35 range?) would seem absurdly expensive to most other wine drinkers and would be in a price range they would probably consider to be special occasion wines. So I’m definitely not casting any stones. But I’ve also definitely never heard of 1er Cru Burgundy or other wines in that price range referred to as “daily drinkers” either.

In the Rhone, the Domaine La Garrigue Côtes du Rhône Cuvée Romaine seems to be a wine that wildly overdelivers in good vintages at about $12-14. Up to the mid $20 range, the Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage has always been an overachiever, plus a wine that ages quite well, and I think the Baudry Chinon and Amirault Bourgueil lines are lovely cabernet franc (particularly, for my tastes, in relatively bigger vintages, though I know others here feel differently).

I disagree about bachelet being a “daily drinker” - not due to price, but rather to the need to give this wine plenty of time in the cellar before pulling the cork.

If you want CdNV that can be enjoyed young or is at least “easier” than Bachelet’s (but still very good), try JJ Confuron’s.

Pepiere, Landron, Luneau-Papin Muscadets
Villaine Les Clous, Rully, Mercurey, Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise
Tissot Poulsard, Melon or Chard
Domaine des Croix Beaunes
Roulot Bourgogne (but getting pricey)

Villaine Les Clous has been the house white going back to at least the 01 vintage and has rarely been anything other than very satisfying (ok, 03 wasn’t all that great). Happy hunting.

The Cotes wines of Bordeaux provide among the best value-for-money wines in France.

As do Corbières, Minervois, and certain Côtes du Rhône Villages.

Best regards,
Alex R.

I guess because these can be had for relatively low prices in Europe?? If one is earning euros, then a bottle of wine that costs €22 is not all that bad… but I see your point. I mean, there are plenty of fine wines here for €10 - 15 or so. So perhaps the Les Clous and the villages PM by Pernot could be reclassified as “weeklies”?

Hi Alex, there is a Bordeaux and Bordeaux Sup tasting at Vinexpo I think on Wednesday, may be interesting to try them as possible dailies.

Here are my latest "dailies’

Tribut Chablis
Luneau-Papin muscadets
Mourgues du Gres Costieres de Nimes “Fleur d’Eglantine” (rosé)
Campuget Costieres de Nimes
Drouhin Chorey les Beaune

More specifics would be helpful.