Myriad January release - Syrah & Elysian

Anyone with thoughts on the upcoming 4 syrahs, Semillion, and the Dr Crane Reserve (any info on this?)

I see some notes on the 100% whole cluster Las Madres, but how about the regular LM, and the Sugarloaf Mountain regular / 100% whole cluster?

And what is this Elysian? difference from the regular Dr Crane offering? (it’s 100 vs 150 for price difference between regular dr crane vs reserve).

Good questions. I am wondering the same.

Calling Pobega… Mike, any thoughts here???

Drinking the regular sugarloaf 2010 now; have bought a couple cabernets/syrahs since 09 based on board rec. After trying a couple of each, I think I like the syrahs more. The sugarloaf has a nice hint of smokiness and meat but primary flavor of darker fruits with enough acidity to keep it from getting too unbalanced or sweet. The cabs are very good if you like big Napa cabernets (though by no means over the top/spoofy), but based on my current preferences (budgetary and taste) I’m probably going to spend my money on the Syrahs (and the Quivet Sauvignon Blanc, which is an excellent summer white wine). And +1 on Mike and Leah Smith being the nicest and most responsive customer interaction you will ever have.

I had the 2011 Sugarloaf Syrah recently and it was delicious.
it was a pop and pour and followed over two days. Nose of some wet wool and black fruits. Nice touch of pomegranate, some menthol/herbal notes, and black cherries, all wrapped up in a nicely balanced package.
I am looking forward to trying the 2012.

Looking for some info as well; interested in the Dr Crane and maybe a Syrah. I like how the Sugarloaf was described above but hoping someone has tasted the 12s.

We had the 2012 Dr. Crane reserve cab at a CLONYC dinner hosted by Mike Pobega with Mike and Leah Smith. Great wine (with great people) and IMO a “must buy.” Hopefully, Mike will post here with more specifics on the wine.

As Ira says, we had a wonderful dinner this past June. The Reserve is quite awesome, and certainly a step above the regular Dr Crane bottling. The Syrahs are very good, probably some of the best in that price. I recently had the Sugarloaf from the 2012 vintage and it showed wonderfully. All the notes are posted here if you search under CLONYC or SUGARLOAF,
You can’t go wrong.

ok, I’ll do the work for ya… [cheers.gif]

In for a smattering.

Would love to see Mike bottle some 375s at some point, esp. of the Reserve.

I’ll be in for an assortment for sure. Love the Syrahs and excited for the Crane Reserve. Thought the Semillon was great stuff last year as well.

Anyone know how much of the Crane reserve was produced? Trying to back into what the allocation might look like…for current Myriad mail-listers

The experience so far has been with the whole cluster Syrah bottlings. Anyone have any experience with the regular bottlings?

2-3 barrels I think. So 100 cases max. I’ll ask Mike when I see him today.

I have had a couple 2010 Myriad Las Madres Syrahs and some 09 Quivet Las Madres’ and both were outstanding. A nice approach to Syrah, IMO. For $40, it’s a steal in the market today

Blake, if you liked those you are gonna be over the moon on these.

Oops, 6 Barrels of Reserve Crane to be offered in 750’s, 1.5L, 3.0L and 6.0L. [wow.gif]
8 barrels of the regular Crane.

I am in for 6 of the 6 litres, 8 of the 3 litres and 12 magnums. 750 s are for chumps. :slight_smile:


Had a 2011 Las Madres Syrah over the last couple of days (Myriad)… Delish… young, fresh, bright… probably could use some time, but it was good… looks like a buy

Is the Whole Cluster completely different animal?