Myriad 2019 tasting notes (and some other Mike Smith wines) at Heron House

We had the pleasure of tasting at Heron House earlier today, with the inimitable Jen Norris (I recommend asking for her specifically - a most unique take on the tasting experience, knowledgeable but not intrusive, ever, but exploratory in a way few can do successfully). Mostly 2019 Myriad wines, and a few others that Jen selected for side-by-side comparisons, new releases, etc. Wines with an asterisk were my favorite, but the only Perchance GIII left is mags…at a $415 price tag…

I knew with all the Myriad (and Mike Smith) fans we have here that these notes might be valuable, even though I suck at it.

Myriad 2019 Syrah, Las Madres, Carneros. Meaty, dark fruit, grippy, bit of toasty oak, bit of green from the whole cluster, great

2019 Napa Valley Cabernet - lively and bright, sweet red and blue fruited, dusty dry tannins, long finish, very nice (the ‘flawed’ one with too much argon was a bit flatter)

2019 Round Pond Cabernet - shy nose but some eucalyptus, herbal notes, very interesting, very silky, great weight. Savory

*2019 Peterson Family Vineyard (Switchback Ridge property) - crazy tannic, very fine and gum-drying, so lively it’s almost slightly effervescent, gorgeous fruit, bit of floral component on the palate as well, exciting and fresh.

2016 Bench Cabernet Steltzner Vineyard - not much on the nose (not decanted), interesting blast of bright red fruit, but not as interesting overall ‘that’s nice of you’ is what it feels like, particularly after Peterson Family Vineyard

2019 Beckstoffer Dr. Crane - anise on the nose, bit of heat, very dark fruited, richer and sweeter profile, overall dark profile, not my style - dull

2019 Myriad Empyrean Beckstoffer GIII - coffee dominant, rocky/stony earthy nose, opening up a bit, toasty/smoky, sweet red fruited, floral, shorter finish (compared to others in the flight)

*2018 Perchance Beckstoffer GIII - nose of blueberry pie (blueberry, crust, baking spice) very inviting, and complex nose, closing up a bit with air, gorgeous mouthfeel - silky but great acidity, excellent


What’s the * for?

So…93 points?